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Billal Muammar

Billal Muammar – Staff Tax Accountant and CPA Candidate

Billal Muammar is a motivated accountant with professional experience in accounts receivable, invoicing, audit, and payroll.  Mr. Muammar first worked in tax accounting as an Accountant Assistant at Baste Financial Accountants and Consultants in Worth, Illinois.  Mr. Muammar then moved into a Business Officer position at Rasmussen College where he became familiar with Title IV and various other regulations.  Prior to his present employment, Mr. Muammar was the Finance Manager at Healthcare Business Consultants in Oakbrook, Illinois, where he became fluent in QuickBooks.

Mr. Muammar is proficient in TaxWise, EasyAcct, QuickBooks, EFTPS, and Microsoft Excel.  He is certified in CTEC and PTIN, and he will be eligible to sit for CPA examination this year.  Mr. Muammar graduated with a M.S. in Accounting from Governors State University, where he held a 3.9 GPA.