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Tax Fraud Lawyers

Tax Fraud Lawyers

Anyone can become a target of the IRS. Most people charged with federal tax fraud are anything but hardened criminals. Clients sometimes ask, “What is the difference between tax fraud, and a simple mistake?” Generally tax fraud or tax evasion involves an intentional wrongdoing. Mere carelessness is not tax fraud. The IRS decides whether tax fraud has been committed by looking for badges of tax fraud. David W Klasing, a dual CPA and tax fraud lawyer, has the legal tools to address your case from all angles.

tax fraud lawyer

Types of IRS Tax Fraud

The IRS may pursue you for the following violations of the Tax Code: Understatements of Income, Inadequate Records, Failure to File Tax Returns, Implausible/Inconsistent Explanations of Behavior, Concealment of Assets, Failure to Cooperate with Tax Authorities, Engaging in Illegal Activities, Attempting to Conceal Illegal Activities, Dealing in Cash, Failure to Make Estimated Tax Payments.

Hire an Experienced Tax Fraud Attorney to Fight the IRS

If you have any of these tax problems, and you are audited by the IRS, you need to engage a tax fraud attorney. Actions you take during the course of a tax audit can turn a run of the mill tax controversy into a tax fraud case. For example, lying or giving evasive answers to IRS investigators, delaying tactics, and other actions designed to mislead IRS agents are all indicia of tax fraud.


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Know Your Tax Audit Rights

The Tax Law Offices of David W Klasing can help you stop a bad situation before it becomes much worse. As a dual tax lawyer and CPA, David Klasing can address your case in a comprehensive manner, guiding you to make smart decisions. He’s helped thousands of taxpayers just like you navigate the complicated landscape of tax law, emerging from their terrible situation in better financial shape than they started. Contact him today for advice concerning:

  1. Whether and When to Answer Questions from the IRS
  2. Stand on Your 5th Amendment Rights
  3. Propose an Offer in Compromise/Negotiate a Settlement
  4. Take Your Case to Federal Court

Call the Tax Law Offices of David W Klasing today at (800) 681-1295 to discuss your tax situation in private. If the IRS is at your door, you don’t have any time to lose in retaining the strongest representation possible.