Q44: If I had an FBAR reporting obligation for years covered by the voluntary disclosure, what version of the Form TD F 90-22.1 should I use to report my interests in foreign accounts?

A44: Taxpayers should use the most current version of Form TD F 90-22.1, for filing delinquent FBARs to report foreign accounts maintained in prior years. At this time, the most current version is the one that was revised in October 2008. The taxpayer may, however, rely on the instructions for the prior version of the form (revised in July 2000) for purposes of determining who must file to report foreign accounts maintained during the 2009 and prior calendar years. Taxpayers may rely on guidance that was applicable for prior FBAR filing seasons (e.g., IRS Announcement 2010-16 or IRS Notice 2010-23) in determining their FBAR reporting obligations.

Q45: A taxpayer has two offshore accounts. No FBARs were filed. The taxpayer reported all income from one account but not the other. Mechanically, how does the taxpayer report this? Does the taxpayer report both accounts as a voluntary disclosure or bifurcate it into a delinquent FBAR filing for the reported account and a voluntary disclosure for the unreported account?

A45: Because the annual FBAR requirement is to file a single report reporting all foreign accounts meeting the reporting requirement, it is not possible to bifurcate the corrected filing. The taxpayer should make a voluntary disclosure for the omitted income and include the delinquent FBARs with respect to both accounts. The account with no income tax issue is unrelated to the taxpayer’s tax noncompliance, so no penalty will be imposed with respect to that account.

Q46: If a taxpayer is uncertain about whether he is required to file an FBAR with respect to a particular foreign account, how can the taxpayer get help with this question?

A46: Help with questions about FBAR filing requirements is available on the FBAR Hotline at 1-800-800-2877. Select option 2. You can also submit written questions about the FBAR rules by e-mail addressed to [email protected]. The instructions to the FBAR form are available at www.irs.gov. Do not call the IRS OVDI Hotline with questions about whether you have an FBAR filing requirement. The purpose of the Voluntary Disclosure Hotline is to answer questions about how to make voluntary disclosures and what penalties apply, assuming a taxpayer was required to file.