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tobacco tax
Berlin Businessman Enters Guilty Plea Over $16 million in Unpaid Taxes
November 9, 2015
FBAR Penalties
Reduced FBAR Penalties May Be Permitted Through IRS Guidance
November 13, 2015

CA Tax Pro- Listen to Our New Radio Spot

california tax attorney

This is Dave Deno with tax attorney David Klasing.  David you recently helped a business owner that had not filed taxes in a number of years.  How did you accomplish that?

We had to do reconstructive accounting to put tax returns together.  Once we filed the returns the client was immediately audited.  We had to fight for a no change audit then we had to negotiate the collections aspect of the case preventing a levy along the way and eventually got an acceptable installment agreement.

Wow.  If you can handle this worst case scenario you can handle anything in between

With my rare dual set of credentials as a licensed CPA and tax attorney my firm and I are used to dealing with a wide spectrum of audit rep appeals and litigation and collection issues.

Thanks David

Folks if you’re in tax trouble, call the Tax Law Offices of David W. Klasing at 877-207-5326.  877-207-5326 or log on to That’s  Talk with the tax attorney who’s also a CPA.  David Klasing and his team.

Don’t go it alone.  The stakes are too high

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