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    The Tax Law Offices of David W. Klasing

    If you need tax help in Oxnard, the Tax Law Office of David W. Klasing is here to offer unparalleled expertise on a breadth of state, federal, and international issues. We can represent you before various tax agencies, protect your rights from being violated, identify strategies to limit your tax liabilities, and help you make more effective financial decisions. For a reduced rate consultation, contact us online, or call our Oxnard tax office at (805) 617-4566 today.

    Oxnard Tax Attorney and CPA

    Those who work or live in Oxnard know the diversity of business opportunities in this city and region. You as an individual or as a business owner may need a variety of tax compliance and tax planning services in Oxnard.

    Businesses may need to form the right entity for tax purposes, or they may need a succession plan for the future. They may also need tax preparation services, ensuring they are properly following the tax code both at the state and federal levels and at the same time legally paying the least amount of taxes.

    Some businesses or individuals have international exposure or income, which complicates tax compliance and offshore information reporting, but this is an area where we can help.

    Should you receive notification of a state or federal audit regarding your taxes, we have the ability to represent you against the IRS or any California tax agency. We also can help Oxnard individuals and businesses with tax debt relief.

    We can handle all of these situations and more. To learn more about the Oxnard tax services we offer, contact the Tax Law Offices of David W. Klasing today to schedule a 10-minute call with an experienced dual-licensed Ventura County, CA Tax Attorneys and CPAs.

    One of The Best Tax Attorneys in Oxnard

    Situated on California’s scenic coastline, Oxnard is home to more than 200,000 people, making it the largest city in Ventura County. But while Oxnard is known for its sunny beaches, thriving agricultural and manufacturing industries, and affluent neighborhoods, local residents face one of the country’s strictest and most detailed tax codes, which is rigidly enforced by tax authorities like the Franchise Tax Board (FTB) and the IRS. The FTB and other agencies also coordinate with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), performing tax audits, investigating fraud, and assessing costly taxes, interest, and penalties. If you need help resolving a California or federal tax issue, turn to the Oxnard tax lawyers at the Tax Law Office of David W. Klasing for counsel you can depend on. Our services include representing clients in the following scenarios:

    California, Federal, and International Tax Services in Oxnard

    The Tax Law Office of David W. Klasing is a full-service California tax law firm handling the complete spectrum of civil, criminal, state, federal, international, personal, and business tax matters. With offices located in Oxnard’s Riverpark neighborhood on the banks of the Santa Clara River, we are conveniently positioned to serve taxpayers and business entities throughout the region.

    Whether you live in Oxnard, own a small business in Oxnard, or do business with vendors in the community, our knowledgeable team of Tax Attorneys and CPAs is ready to provide you with the support and guidance you require. No matter what sort of case we are assisting a taxpayer with, from audit representation to tax planning to criminal tax defense, our mission is always threefold: to mitigate your penalties and tax liabilities, to help you use the tax code to your advantage, and to ensure your compliance with state and federal tax regulations all the while protecting your liberty.

    When incorporating a business in California, taxpayers have a few options: the C corporation, or the S corporation. Each type of corporation has its own unique set of benefits and drawbacks, depending on the business owner’s short-term and long-term goals, resources, risk tolerance and overall financial strategy. In some instances, the most appropriate structure is the limited liability company (LLC), which, though not technically a corporation, shares many of the corporation’s features, such as protection from personal liability for business debts. Moreover, an LLC can elect to be treated as a C or S corporation or partnership for tax purposes.

    Our dual-licensed Oxnard, CA Corporate Tax Attorneys + CPAs work with individual taxpayers, business entities, and other organizations, including S corporations, C corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies (LLCs), sole proprietorships and more. Our founder and managing attorney, David W. Klasing, possesses decades of experience as a former auditor in public accounting, and has represented clients in countless federal (IRS) and California (FTB, CDTFA, EDD) audits for nearly 30 years, enabling our tax team to navigate the audit process with precision and skill. Our versatile, award-winning taxpayer advocates apply decades of combined experience to every case, sharpened by cutting-edge research into the latest regulatory and legislative developments.

    Our dual-licensed Oxnard Business Tax Lawyers and CPAs provide services including, but are not limited to, the following:

    If you’re engaged in international business or managing foreign assets, navigating the complex landscape of global taxation is crucial to success. At the Tax Law Offices of David W. Klasing in Oxnard, our team of dual-licensed International Oxnard Tax Attorneys & CPAs is poised to protect your interests. Addressing compliance oversights timely and correctly is essential, with the IRS currently escalating its efforts to uncover unreported global investment income & unreported offshore businesses and financial accounts. Now is the time to enlist experienced international tax counsel to review the international aspects of your U.S. tax filing history, ensuring compliance that minimizes additional tax penalties & interest and avoids criminal tax prosecution at all costs. Whether you’re an American expatriate or have multiple offshore business entities and investments, we provide meticulous attention to ensure your international tax dealings are reported with precision and foresight. Our association with Marc Schwartz, a dually licensed International Tax Attorney and CPA, greatly enhances our ability to address the often complex federal offshore tax planning, compliance, and controversial implications surrounding engaging in international business and the associated mandatory information reporting. Click on the following to learn more:

    RS, FTB, CDTFA-(formally known as the BOE), or EDD Audit Defense

    No matter what kind of audit you are dealing with, it is important to contact a tax attorney who can help guide you through the process and mitigate any potential damages to your net worth or to your very liberty. Below we discuss four of the major agencies that conduct audits in California.

    IRS Audit Representation

    The IRS conducts audits related to your federal tax returns. This can involve your personal tax return or tax returns filed by your business (often both simultaneously). IRS audits are rarely completely random, with most audits the results of your return being flagged for potential issues, such as underreporting of income, claiming unsubstantiated expenses, claiming excessive exemptions or credits you do not qualify for, or the IRS perceiving that you have failed to pay taxes that you owe (nonfliers). The IRS can usually go back 3 tax years when reviewing your records and returns, but this can be extended to six years in some cases. If fraud is detected the statute of limitations becomes open back to the dawn of time.

    Types of IRS, FTB, CDTFA and EDD Audits

    The IRS, FTB, CDTFA and EDD conduct three distinct types of audits: correspondence audits, office audits, and field audits. Likely one of the first questions your dual licensed Tax Lawyer & CPA will ask you when you discover you are being audited is about which type of audit you are facing. The reason for this is that you can tell a lot about what the federal of California government is after and how thorough they will be simply by identifying which type of audit they have decided to pursue.

    Correspondence, office, and field audits differ by how they are conducted and how in-depth the audit is. There are also two informal names for audits based on their content. An eggshell audit occurs when the taxpayer is aware of a substantial noncompliance on their tax return that could be viewed as intentional income tax evasion the auditor is not aware of. Reverse eggshell audits occur when the auditor suspects tax fraud and begins to collect information for a clandestine criminal tax investigation without informing the taxpayer. Eggshell and reverse eggshell audits are especially risky and prone to becoming a criminal tax investigation followed by prosecution.

    Correspondence Audits

    Correspondence audits, also known informally as “mail audits,” are initiated when the IRS, FTB, CDTFA and EDD, sends you a letter asking for documents and records to back up the information on your tax return. This type of audit will ordinarily be conducted through correspondence rather than in person. While this ordinarily is the least risky type of audit, if you have cheated on the return at issue, you could be at risk for criminal tax prosecution especially if you are facing an eggshell audit. Our dual-licensed Ventura County, CA IRS Tax Audit Attorneys and CPA can help you reconstruct the necessary records and mitigate any civil damages or criminal exposure for errors you made on the returns under audit. If no further issues are discovered, the IRS, FTB, CDTFA (formerly known as the BOE) and EDD will usually come to a resolution on a correspondence audit within three to six months.

    Office Audits

    The second type of audit you could be facing is an office audit. In an office audit, you will be required to bring the requested documents and records to an IRS, FTB, CDTFA and EDD office where agents will review them in person and interview you. You should always have one of our dual licensed Tax Lawyer CPAs prepare you for and accompany you to such a meeting. Since 70% of communication is nonverbal and a person being audited is normally nervous, it is often better to have your Tax Attorney & CPA attend the audit on your behalf. Office audits typically resolve themselves within three to six months, but if the taxpayer makes mistakes or does not cooperate fully, the government may decide to further instigate a field audit.

    Field Audits

    Field audits are typically the most serious civil auditseggshell auditsreverse eggshell audit or criminal tax investigations that the IRS, FTBCDTFA (BOE) and EDD can undertake. If you are the target of a field audit, the federal or California agents will often attempt to come to your home, place of business, or both, and conduct their investigation on site. A field audit is commonly used when conducting a net worth analysis. If the IRS suspects that your income is understated on your tax returns, they will attempt to visit your home to analyze your standard of living. If you live in a way that requires more income than reported, the auditor may use that net worth analysis as potential evidence of criminal tax fraud.

    A field audit for a business can be extremely invasive and disruptive to business operations. The auditor can request interviews with employees and tours of offices or other business facilities. Revenue agents frequently compare reported income from sales to your actual sales data, they could speak to your suppliers to confirm the number of materials you have purchased, they could examine any inventory stored on site and examine your inventory valuation methods especially where you are a manufacturer and utilize many other methods to confirm the company’s reported activities. The sheer amount of information available to an auditor during a field audit is alarming and difficult to control. If the audit is also an eggshell or reverse eggshell audit, there is a significant chance that the audit could become a criminal tax investigation.

    This is the most serious type of audit, and you may need to contact a tax lawyer right away to avoid potentially devastating civil and criminal consequences. Attorneys are far better suited to represent you in any audit as they are trained in the art of persuasion and can leverage their ability to bring an appeal or litigation should the IRS get either the facts or the law wrong in conducting and concluding your audit. No tax professional is better suited to get you the optimal results.

    Criminal Tax Defense Lawyer in Oxnard

    When facing high-risk tax audits from agencies like the IRS, CDTFA, or FTB, certain red flags, such as destroyed records, underreported income, badges of fraud or unfiled returns, can intensify the examination, and may lead to such high-risk eggshell and reverse eggshell tax audits. As such, residents and businesses must be aware of potential criminal tax violations and the signs indicating that they might be under a more rigorous investigation by the IRS’s Criminal Investigation Division (CID). This is especially so when the taxpayer has a history of blatantly cheating on their federal tax returns and is now under audit and thus fears criminal tax prosecution. Even international tax evasion schemes that utilize remote tax havens are easily detected by the IRS, which works with tax and law enforcement agencies around the globe and throughout the United States.

    We will help your understanding of the stages of an audit, criminal tax investigation, tax crime indictment, and prosecution, as well as the red flags that may pique the interest of the IRS or the California Franchise Tax Board (FTB), California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (CDTFA) and the Employment Development Department (EDD) and trigger the entire sequence. If you or your small business has been selected for a tax audit in Oxnard, and you are concerned about a criminal tax investigation resulting from or occurring alongside the audit, engaging our Oxnard, CA Criminal Tax Audit / Investigation Attorneys + CPA services at the onset of a high-risk audit / criminal tax investigation will maximize the possibility of a favorable outcome without escalating to criminal tax charges. We have never had a federal or California audit client criminally prosecuted for tax crimes. We are here to provide aggressive, informed representation in areas including:

    Eggshell Audits

    As mentioned, eggshell audits frequently occur when the taxpayer intentionally and materially understates revenue, overstates expenses, or claims credits they are not entitled to, but the auditor is unaware of these issues at the outset of the audit. From the IRS’s perspective, the audit is routine, and no tax fraud is initially suspected. The taxpayer and their representative, ordinarily view such an audit as a minefield. Seemingly innocuous questions could result in information that alerts the auditor to the underlying potentially criminal noncompliance.

    There are a wide variety of issues that can create an eggshell audit. Generally, any material error on a tax return that significantly increases tax liability is of concern. Even an aggressive position on a tax return can become a criminal tax exposure especially as tax law changes over time. If you doubt the legitimacy of a previous tax position and you are being audited, consult our dual-licensed Tax Lawyers & CPAs for advice.

    Eggshell audits can be survived. Our firm routinely deals with them, and we have not had a client go to jail over an eggshell audit yet. The IRS rarely completes an audit without discovering noncompliance. If a taxpayer lies, makes criminal tax admissions, or otherwise gets caught intentionally covering up known tax fraud, the consequences of those actions can be catastrophic.

    We counsel taxpayers to respond accurately to IRS requests while only providing the minimum amount of information required. Our dual-licensed Tax Lawyers & CPAs can assist with developing and reviewing responses to the IRS to help ensure excess & potentially incriminating information is minimized. Additionally, our dual licensed Tax Attorney & CPAs can intervene if potentially criminal tax noncompliance is at issue and assist with keeping the audit purely about money where possible. Preventing a referral for a criminal tax investigation is our main goal in an eggshell audit. Engaging an dual licensed Criminal Tax Defense Attorney & CPA as early as possible to represent you in an audit is your best chance at keeping the audit purely civil and avoid a criminal tax investigation followed by criminal tax charges, prosecution and jail time.

    Reverse Eggshell Audits

    An eggshell audit reverses when the party withholding information is the IRS. This scenario results in a potential clandestine criminal tax investigation taking place under the guise of a civil audit. If the taxpayer is not notified of an ongoing criminal tax investigation, they will not ordinarily hire criminal tax defense counsel and consequently their unprepared and unqualified representatives, often the original preparer, rarely adequately prepare a defense and are thus prone to revealing incriminating information that can be used to prosecute the taxpayer and potentially the preparer as well. The original preparer also has a conflict of interest where they are likely to bury the taxpayer to protect their own reputation with the taxing authorities while trying to not go to jail themselves. The IRS benefits from these types of audits because criminal tax evidence can be collected while the taxpayer, and often their tax preparer representing them in the audit, are none the wiser. Taxpayers and their representatives are also more open and forthcoming if they believe that the audit results from mere random selection as opposed to actual suspicion of tax evasion. Therefore, our specially trained dual-licensed Tax Lawyers & CPAs are highly beneficial to any audit – even those involving seemingly harmless audits. There may be more to the audit than meets the eye, and only a specially trained an experienced dual licensed criminal tax defense attorney & CPA will be in the absolute best position to recognize the possible red flags.

    Audits that are initially routine can turn into a reverse eggshell audit very quickly and be easily missed by the untrained eye. Formally, an IRS agent is required to halt any audit and refer it for criminal tax investigation if clear indications of fraud are found. However, whether something constitutes a clear indication of tax fraud is subjective, and auditors often continue a civil audit while collecting criminal tax evidence. In such cases, your attorney can spot the warning signs and advise on possible legal options including the potential to block illegally collected evidence.

    If you or your business has been subjected to a reverse eggshell audit that led to a criminal tax investigation, you may be able to fight against the admission of some evidence at a trial. Since civil audits must end when tax fraud is indicated, any evidence collected after that point could be subject to a motion to suppress. Your dual licensed Criminal Defense Tax Attorney & CPA can evaluate if this option fits your situation.

    Regardless of whether you know a reverse eggshell audit is occurring or not, full compliance with the IRS is expected. If you are concerned about incriminating yourself, you should speak with our dual-licensed Tax Lawyers & CPAs. We can help you provide responsive answers to the IRS while avoiding incrimination or offering excessive information. Reverse eggshell audits are exceptionally risky. Engaging a dual licensed Tax Lawyer & CPA early in the audit is your absolute best opportunity to mitigate those potentially life & career altering risks. Don’t forget that tax fraud is an act or moral turpitude that can cost you your career on top of your liberty and net worth.

    Fighting Penalties for Failure to Pay or File Taxes

    The U.S. Tax Code or Internal Revenue Code (IRC) requires U.S. citizens and residents to report, and pay taxes on, domestic and foreign income, no matter where the income was originally earned. Failure to file an income tax return can trigger a failure-to-file penalty if the return is not submitted by (1) the standard deadline, or (2) the extended deadline, in cases where the taxpayer has requested an extension. Additionally, the IRS can impose a separate failure-to-pay penalty. If the IRS has applied failure-to-file or failure-to-pay penalties against you, turn to the Tax Law Office of David W. Klasing for assistance reentering compliance with either requirement.

    Get Back into Tax Compliance without Facing Criminal Tax Prosecution in Oxnard with our dual-licensed Voluntary Disclosure Attorneys and CPAs

    If you’re in or near Oxnard and realize that you could face criminal tax prosecution over a history of blatantly cheating on your tax returns if discovered, voluntarily disclosing this history by knocking on the IRS’s door before they bang down your door, offer a nearly guaranteed method towards resolution without facing criminal tax prosecution.

    Our Oxnard, CA Voluntary Disclosure Tax Attorneys + CPAs navigate the complexities of various federal and California state voluntary disclosures, including domestic, offshore, CDTFA (BOE), and FTB voluntary disclosures, streamlined procedures, and delinquent FBAR and international information return submission procedures. As long as a taxpayer who has willfully committed tax avoidance (potentially including non-filed foreign information returns coupled with affirmative evasion of U.S. income tax on offshore income) self-reports the federal or California state tax non-compliance through a domestic or offshore voluntary disclosure before the IRS or the California state agency has started an audit or criminal tax investigation/prosecution, the taxpayer can ordinarily be successfully brought back into tax compliance and receive a nearly guaranteed pass on criminal tax prosecution and simultaneously often receive a break on the civil penalties that would otherwise apply. We deal with:

    California Franchise Tax Board (FTB) Audit Representation

    The California Franchise Tax Board (FTB) conducts audits related to issues with California state personal and business income tax returns. Even if you were not found to owe the IRS anything after a federal audit, you may be found to owe money to California because of differences between California and Federal tax law. California audits are no less serious than federal audits because California also prosecutes tax crimes and will report the results of the audit to the IRS. You, therefore, will be forced to amend your federal returns to agree to the results of the California Audit.

    Like with federal audits, if you are erroneously determined to owe money to California, a lawyer can work to challenge any incorrect findings, mitigate damages, and work out a payment plan to pay them back what you ultimately owe over time. Click on the following to learn more:

    Because the FTB is a tax agency, one might assume it is therefore authorized only to collect tax-related debts, such as debts incurred through failure to file taxesfailure to pay taxes, or failure to retain records in previous years.

    California Employment Development Department (EDD) Audit Representation

    While the IRS handles issues related to the federal payroll tax, California payroll tax issues are audited by the California Employment Development Department (EDD). Each employer in California is required to withhold taxes out of each employee’s paycheck and remit them to the state. Fines and penalties can be assessed if you fail to collect payroll taxes from your employees or fail to remit them to the proper state agency.

    Many EDD audits center on the potential misclassification of workers as independent contractors when they should be legally classified as employees. Employers are required to handle payroll taxes for their employees, but not for independent contractors working for them. There are complex rules and regulations that must be followed regarding who can and cannot be classified as an independent contractor especially considering California’s recent legislation known as AB5. A skilled tax attorney can work to make sure you are classifying them correctly and help mitigate any damage from improper classification in the past.

    The EDD actively investigates and prosecutes instances of payroll tax evasion and related fraudulent activities. Some specific examples of employer fraud that are criminally prosecutable by the EDD include:

    • Assisting others in filing false Unemployment Insurance claims.
    • Paying employees “under the table,” or failing to report their wages appropriately to the EDD.
    • Neglecting to report the hiring of new employees and incorrectly reporting their start dates.
    • Withholding taxes from employee wages but not reporting these wages or remitting the payroll taxes to the EDD and other relevant agencies.
    • Demonstrating a pattern of opening and closing accounts with the EDD, leaving unpaid tax balances, often with each employer registration under different business and owner names.
    • Making false statements to the State Compensation Insurance Fund to reduce Workers’ Compensation Insurance costs.
    • Providing misleading information to disqualify current or former workers from benefits they are entitled to.

    These actions reflect the EDD’s commitment to maintaining the integrity of its programs and ensuring compliance with the law. The department employs stringent measures to identify and penalize fraudulent activities, safeguarding the state’s employment-related resources and services. In this challenging environment, our dual-licensed Oxnard Employment Tax Lawyers and CPAs can be your proficient ally, helping you navigate the complexities of compliance and protecting your business from potential penalties and legal issues

    California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (CDTFA) Audit Representation

    The California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (CDTFA) is tasked with conducting audits related to state sales tax issues. The amount a business is required to charge in sales tax can vary depending on the municipality and the product being sold. The CDTFA often conducts random audits of businesses in fields like the restaurant and bar industries where undercharging of sales taxes is common, especially when associated with skimming cash. This type of audit can be your worst nightmare.

    Sales tax audits can be extremely invasive, requiring you to produce all records of sales you made over a 3-year period or longer. The auditor will compare the sales reported on your income tax returns to the sales reported on your sales tax returns and investigate any differences. An experienced tax attorney can work to help you reconstruct these records and can help deal with any fallout from past failures to charge, collect or remit sales taxes properly. An attorney can make sure any petition challenging a finding that you owe money is filed in a timely manner. If this is not done, you could be deemed to owe an amount you simply cannot pay, and your business could face severe collection related consequences.

    Recently, the CDTFA issued updated guidance on protocols and procedures for disputing, or “appealing,” CDTFA determinations. Though the CDTFA makes efforts to provide clear instructions for taxpayers, it is not recommended to attempt handling an appeal without professional tax representation. It is in your best interests to consult our experienced Oxnard dual-licensed CDTFA Audit Attorneys and CPAs before filing an appeal or petition for redetermination due to the legal and financial complexity involved. We can help you appeal IRS and California state tax audit decisions involving:

    Oxnard Audit Appeals and Tax Litigation Attorneys

    In Oxnard, facing incorrect audit outcomes due to administrative or procedural errors can be extremely burdensome ordeal, often resulting in undue tax liabilities, including excessive penalties and interest. Frankly the taxing authorities get the facts and the law wrong quite often. This is particularly frustrating when the errors stem from factual or legal inaccuracies on the part of the auditing agency. However, taxpayers have the right to challenge these outcomes through the appeals process, which applies to IRS audits, FTB audits, and other California-based tax audits. Federal audit appeals are managed by the IRS’ Office of Appeals, while in California, the Office of Tax Appeals (OTA) fulfills a similar role.

    To initiate an appeal, Oxnard taxpayers must submit a detailed protest letter or opening brief to the relevant agency. This document should include the taxpayer’s contact details, the specific audit issue being contested (such as an erroneous tax assessment), and the legal or factual justifications for the dispute, backed by relevant statutes or legal precedents.

    In some situations, mediation might offer a quicker and more informal resolution, circumventing the need for an appeal. Conversely, certain complex disputes may necessitate litigation in Federal or California Tax Court. Our dual-licensed Oxnard audit appeals attorneys together with Oxnard, CA Tax Litigation Attorneys and CPAs are adept at handling intricate tax controversies. We pursue the most effective strategy for your situation, whether it’s aggressive litigation or advising against pursuing a case when the facts and law are unfavorable.

    The expert guidance of our dual-licensed Oxnard Tax Litigation Attorneys and CPAs at the Tax Law Offices of David W. Klasing is crucial in preventing escalation of tax issues, which could lead to significant repercussions. We specialize in IRS and California state tax disputes, skilfully managing sensitive audits (where you cheated on the tax returns under audit) to ensure a civil resolution and to avoid criminal tax prosecution. Our clients benefit from our strategic and effective approach to disputes involving employment tax, estate and gift tax, unreported income, and civil tax fraud allegations. We thoroughly assess litigation risks, particularly in cases with underlying criminal tax concerns, aiming for early resolution and leveraging our comprehensive understanding of tax laws and procedures. Our record speaks for itself: we have consistently achieved favorable outcomes in tax court and only take cases we are confident in winning.

    Our Oxnard tax litigation team possesses extensive experience in a variety of federal and California state tax matters, representing clients in IRS audits, disputes with the CDTFA (BOE), EDD, and FTB, refund claims, tax collection defense, innocent spouse relief, and criminal tax defense. Our expertise is invaluable in navigating cases of criminal tax exposure, civil tax audits, eggshell audits, reverse eggshell audits, and criminal tax investigations. As seasoned litigators, our team, led by David W. Klasing Esq. M.S.-Tax CPA is equipped to represent you in Tax Court or before the California Office of Tax Appeals. Contact us at 805-617-4566 or schedule a reduced-rate initial consultation here at our Oxnard office or other convenient locations in Southern California. Our services include representing the client in the following:

    Struggling with Cryptocurrency Taxation in Oxnard?

    In the rapidly evolving world of virtual currencies like Bitcoin and other digital assets, many investors and traders are navigating complex Federal and California state tax implications. Receiving a letter from the IRS about unreported cryptocurrency transactions discovered via John Doe Summons can be alarming. It may lead to a high-risk eggshell audit or even a covert criminal tax investigation if not addressed appropriately. The surprise is often considerable when individuals learn that exchanges of one type of crypto for another are taxable events in the year they occur, even with no fiat currency changing hands, or that the IRS might have obtained their transaction details from sources like Coinbase. The volatile nature of the crypto market, with its significant highs in 2017 followed by subsequent lows, has left many facing substantial tax liabilities, often disproportionate to their current portfolio value.

    At the Tax Law Offices of David W. Klasing, our Oxnard Bitcoin and Virtual Currency Tax Attorneys and CPAs offer the combined expertise of Tax Lawyers and CPAs, specialized in the tax ramifications and reporting of virtual currency transactions. Whether it’s organizing and reconstructing transaction records where necessary, advising on reporting virtual currency on tax returns (especially where the returns are being amended or are delinquent and therefore the audit risk is heightened) or navigating Cryptocurrency based high-risk eggshell audits and criminal tax investigations, our team is equipped to handle all aspects of cryptocurrency taxation. Our goal is to ensure compliance with the ever-changing tax regulations and to mitigate tax reporting risks associated with cryptocurrency transactions for taxpayers and investors in Oxnard. Contact the Tax Law Offices of David W. Klasing in Oxnard at (800) 681-1295 to schedule an initial reduced-rate consultation and explore how we can support your cryptocurrency tax needs. Read our story “Tax Fraud is Going Virtual” to know more about virtual tax evasion. For more information, see the following:

    Confused About California State Sales Tax Rules in Oxnard?

    In Oxnard, businesses that collect sales tax from their customers are entrusted with remitting those taxes back to the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (CDTFA) (formerly known as the State Board of Equalization (BOE)). Any discrepancies, such as failing to pay collected taxes or having revenue that’s not appropriately taxed, can trigger a California sales tax audit by the CDTFA. Given the significance of sales tax, which accounts for over 80% of the Department of Tax & Fee Administration (CDTFA) revenue collection, California state tax audits are common, especially for businesses in certain high-risk industries. If you find your business selected for a tax audit, it would be wise to remain composed and promptly contact our dual-licensed Oxnard, California Sales Tax Audit Attorneys + CPA.

    We combine decades of experience assisting corporations, LLCs, partnerships, and sole proprietors throughout California, in addition to foreign and multinational entities to get through California, solely civil or potentially criminal, sales tax audits. Depending on your needs and priorities, our Oxnard business tax services also include correcting past sales tax compliance errors, providing sales tax audit and appeals representation, fighting criminal tax charges related to perceived or actual sales tax fraud, counseling you on tax planning strategies, or assisting you with the unique sales tax issues that affect online and international businesses.

    With recent overhauls in California sales tax laws, especially after the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in Wayfair granting states more power to enforce compliance over online sellers, it would be wise to have our dual-licensed Oxnard, CA Online Business Tax Audit Defense Attorneys + CPAs by your side. From internet sales tax audit representation to small business tax planning and bookkeeping services, we possess the experience to answer your business tax questions and help you achieve your goals. Our expertise spans from understanding the California sales tax nexus and differentiating between sales and use tax to assisting with the complexities introduced by internet sales. Trust our dual-licensed Oxnard Sales Tax Audit Attorneys and CPAs to provide comprehensive sales tax advisory and representation, ensuring your business thrives in California’s complex regulatory environment. Click on the following to learn more:

    In Need of Tax & Estate Planning in Oxnard?

    Our dual-licensed Oxnard Estate & Income Tax Planning Tax Attorneys and CPAs offer comprehensive tax and estate planning services with convenient offices in Oxnard, and the surrounding California counties. Our custom estate planning representation ensures that your final wishes are honored and helps you provide for your loved ones in your absence. Combining our financial planning, legal, tax, and accounting skills, and knowledge, we are committed to helping you preserve your wealth for future generations. Estate planning is a necessary process that only knowledgeable tax professionals can compassionately and effectively handle. Our services include creating tax-efficient estate plans that reflect your goals, assisting with preparing and filing estate tax returns, and offering expert advice on gift tax implications.

    Estate planning involves multiple components, which need to be customized depending on the unique set of facts and circumstances underlying your financial situation, such as the size of your estate, the number of heirs involved, and the complexity and location of your domestic and international assets. This is especially pertinent if your holdings include offshore business & bank, financial and investment accounts. Our skilled dual-licensed California Estate & Income Tax Planning attorneys and supporting staff of CPAs and CPA candidates have decades of experience assisting clients with wills, trusts, advanced healthcare directives, and other estate planning and administration matters. We assist in:

    How Do I Choose a Tax Lawyer in Oxnard, California?

    If you are facing income, employment of sales tax issues, you can greatly benefit from having an experienced Tax Law guru at your side. We eat live and breathe federal and California taxation. Even if you are familiar with the issues you are facing, enlisting a dual licensed Tax Lawyer CPAs help can free you from the time-consuming and arduous process of preparing and defending your filings. It also greatly reduces the chances of simple but potentially costly errors that could affect your net worth or in worst case scenarios, your very liberty and ongoing ability to earn a living if you have professional licensing.

    When you are searching for tax law help in Oxnard, you will want to make sure that all of your bases are covered. This is important because many tax law firms specialize in one or two areas, providing limited services to clients. If you discover that your issues range outside of that firm’s practice, you may be forced to seek out the help of yet another firm. In all likelihood, this will cost you more time and money, and may even lead to communication breakdowns between the firms, ego battels and territorialism which could make your existing problems that much harder to handle.

    You should also put considerable stock into where your dual licensed Tax Lawyer practices. Firms that are not local to Oxnard may not be familiar with the particulars of state taxes that apply to you specifically. If a firm is located far from you, your lawyer may have a difficult time with setting up an in-person consultation with you or accompanying you during a hearing or audit. David Klasing is an instrument rated private pilot and owns a very fast yet economical airplane.  He can be in Oxnard in less than an hour after getting airborne and does not charge for travel time.

    Fortunately for you, the Tax Law Offices of David W. Klasing prevents any of these issues from affecting our Oxnard clients. Our dual-licensed Tax Attorneys and CPAs bring interdisciplinary knowledge to our representation so that we can address any tax issues that may arise. We operate at locations throughout the State of California, including Oxnard, and are intimately familiar with the unique tax regulations that affect you.

    Why Hire a Dual Certified Oxnard Tax Attorney and CPA?

    Why Hire an Oxnard, CA Dual Certified Tax Attorney & CPA, Reason #1



    Why Hire an Oxnard, CA Dual Certified Tax Attorney & CPA, Reason #2

    Managing Liability


    Why Hire an Oxnard, CA Dual Certified Tax Attorney & CPA, Reason #3

    Negotiation Skills


    Why Hire an Oxnard, CA Dual Certified Tax Attorney & CPA, Reason #4

    Financial Expertise


    Why Hire an Oxnard, CA Dual Certified Tax Attorney & CPA, Reason #5

    Avoiding Conflicts


    Why Hire an Oxnard, CA Dual Certified Tax Attorney & CPA, Reason #6

    Saving Money


    Common Questions About Oxnard Tax Attorneys and CPAs

    How Much Does a Tax Attorney’s Services Cost in Oxnard?

    Hiring a Tax Attorney in Oxnard at the Tax Law Offices of David W. Klasing, you’re investing in a service that weighs immediate costs and long-term financial implications. We offer transparent, hourly-based fees tailored to your case’s specifics. We assign your work to the professionals within our organization best suited to provide the service at the lowest possible billing rate. This approach, discussed during a reduced rate initial consultation, helps ensure an understanding of the potential financial commitment.

    Why do I Need a Tax Attorney in Oxnard?

    Tax matters can be complex, and your decision can either have you accepting the IRS’s FTB’s CDTFA’s or EDD’s decisions or fighting for your rights. This is where our services at the Tax Law Offices of David W. Klasing in Oxnard come into play.

    A dually-licensed California Tax Attorney & CPA will provide you with the resources needed to challenge any unfavorable IRS, FTB, CDTFA, or EDD decision effectively. We do this through our ability to file tax court petitions and a proven track record in dispute resolution. When the law and facts are in your favor, this often significantly reduces your tax, penalties, and interest obligations.

    Moreover, we take pride in our strategic approach to negotiation, which has resulted in our clients never having to set foot in the tax court. This saves you from the most substantial litigation costs. Our focus is always on your best interest. We only take cases we believe can be improved through appeals and litigation. We advise against having your CPA, E.A., or CTEC-certified preparer handle your appeal as they often lack the authorization or adequate training to practice law or manage emerging criminal tax issues and worse yet can untwiningly become government witness number one against you.

    We offer a broad range of services to meet your unique needs. These include Business Tax Services, Business Entity Selection and Formation, Business Succession Planning, Business Transactions, International Tax Services, FATCA and FBAR Compliance, Tax Services for U.S. Expats, Voluntary Disclosure Programs, and Audit Defense against IRSFTBCDTFA (BOE), or EDD.

    We apply our extensive experience and continually update our knowledge of the latest tax regulations and legislative developments to provide you with the best service. We cater to individual taxpayers, business entities, and various organizations, including S corporations, C corporations, partnerships, LLCs, and sole proprietorships.

    In short, hiring a dual licensed Tax Attorney & CPA in Oxnard like ours provides you with the highest quality personalized legal and tax advice, focusing on achieving the best possible resolution for your situation.

    How do Oxnard Tax Attorneys and CPAs keep up with the latest California tax laws and regulations?

    Staying updated with the continually changing tax laws and regulations is crucial for effective representation and advice. At the Tax Law Offices of David W. Klasing in Oxnard, our dually licensed Tax Attorneys and CPAs implement a multifaceted strategy to remain well-versed with California’s tax laws and regulations.

    1. Continued Professional Education (CPE): Our professionals comply with the CPE requirements set by the California Board of Accountancy and the State Bar of California and pursue further educational opportunities beyond the required minimum to deepen their tax law comprehension.
    2. Industry Publications: Our team keeps abreast of the latest trends, court decisions, and tax law modifications by regularly reading reputable industry publications, bulletins, and newsletters.
    3. Extensive Tax Help Library: We maintain a comprehensive tax law library with articles, videos, and FAQs. David W. Klasing, a dually licensed Tax Attorney, and CPA with nearly 30 years of experience, meticulously curates this resource. It keeps our team, and clients informed about the latest tax law developments. We regularly update our library and blog, reflecting our commitment to educating ourselves and our clients about current tax news, trends, and government actions.
    4. Professional Seminars and Conferences: Our team participates in tax law seminars and conferences. These events provide essential insights and networking opportunities, allowing our professionals to discuss contemporary tax topics with other industry leaders.
    5. In-house Training: We conduct regular in-house training sessions to encourage continuous learning to share knowledge and discuss recent tax law developments.
    6. Technological Tools: We use sophisticated tax software and constantly updated tools incorporating the newest tax laws and regulations.
    7. Professional Memberships: Our team is regulated by organizations like the California Board of Accountancy & the State Bar of California, and maintains membership in professional associations like the California Society of Certified Public Accountants (CalCPA), and the Taxation Section of the California Lawyers Association. These affiliations provide essential resources and updates on tax law changes.

    With this comprehensive approach, our Oxnard Tax Attorneys and CPAs are well-equipped to navigate the intricacies of the latest Federal & California tax laws and regulations, ensuring you receive top-notch service.

    What is crucial to remember is the protection a skilled dually licensed Tax Attorney & CPA can offer. By preventing costly mistakes that could lead to penalties, additional tax assessments, and interest, our expertise could save more money in the long term than the initial cost of our services. As our recent client Drew S attested, “Dave was great!… I did what he told me to do, and the next letter from the IRS told me that they were REFUNDING me over $3,000… I would have WAY overpaid!” See the following for a complete listing of our client testimonials.

    Our commitment to you is to navigate tax disputes and potential IRS tax audit appeals only when we believe it will yield a favorable outcome. This means reducing any additional tax, penalties, and interest in a way that not only covers our representation costs but also benefits you financially. Our client, Stephen D, experienced this firsthand: “Mr. Klasing was informative, efficient, and deeply knowledgeable… He saved me thousands in legal fees within a 10-minute consultation – proving he has his client’s best interests in mind…”

    Our guiding principle is simple: we prioritize your right to fair treatment from tax authorities over our financial interests, taking on only cases where we believe in a result. This is our promise to you as we strive to defend your rights in Oxnard.

    Tax Help Videos

    Representing Clients from U.S. and International Locations Regarding Federal and California Tax Issues

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    Outside of our 4 hour initial consultation option, we do not charge travel time or travel expenses when traveling to one of our Satellite offices, or surrounding business districts, where it is necessary to meet personally with taxing authority personnel, make court appearances, or any in person meeting deemed necessary for the effective representation of a client. To make this as flexible, efficient, and convenient as possible, David W. Klasing is an Instrument Rated Private Pilot and Utilizes the Firms Cirrus SR22 to service client’s in California and in the Southwest by air. Offices outside these areas are serviced via commercial jet airlines. None of these costs are charged to our clients.

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