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Non-Filer Assistance

Non-filer Assistance with Tax

At the Tax Law Offices of David W. Klasing, I provide non-filer assistance to California residents throughout Orange and Los Angeles County and the surrounding areas who are delinquent in filing their taxes and are now considered non-filers.

With dual qualifications as an Orange County tax attorney and Certified Public Accountant, I can help you avoid a dispute with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and civil or criminal penalties.

Get the Help of a National Non-Filer Assistance Attorney

Our Office has developed a national practice as to federal income tax issues administered by the IRS, so no matter what state you are from, if you are presently out of compliance and have not filed several years’ worth of returns, we can help bring you back into compliance. It is sometimes said that while the focus of an accountant is accuracy, the focus of an attorney is advocacy. Our tax law office’s expertise and training combines both fields: We place a premium on both accuracy and client advocacy.

A high level of care and accuracy is required when preparing and filing a delinquent tax return, and I have the skills and knowledge to keep you in compliance. Among my qualifications as a lawyer, I am secretary of the California State Bar Association Tax Procedure and Litigation Committee. I am also Vice Chair to the Orange County Bar Association Tax Section and additionally I am a Member at Large, CalCPA Committee on Taxation.non filer tax assistance

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I am a Tax Attorney and CPA with 20 Years Experience in Filing Back Tax Returns

Whatever your reasons for not filing, I can help you quickly remedy the situation. With over 20 years of combined experience and a master’s degree in taxation, I have extensive knowledge of IRS guidelines.

With the government requiring money, the IRS has taken measures to ensure that everyone is paying their share of taxes. When tax returns are not filed, experienced professionals are hired by the IRS to go after the non-filers.

It is not a crime to owe taxes. However, it is a crime to fail to file tax returns when they come due or withhold tax payments. I can work to mitigate the situation by taking action to protect you going forward. Together we can structure a plan that allows for you to avoid criminal prosecution whenever possible by taking proactive steps.


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