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The Tax Law Offices of David W. Klasing, P.C. is a boutique California tax firm comprised of award-winning, nationally recognized Tax Attorneys and CPAs. We combine over 75 years of tax & business experience, drawing upon a diverse range of professional backgrounds in tax and business law and accounting, to help individual taxpayers and business entities resolve even the most complex of state, federal, and international tax issues. We understand how stressful it is for taxpayers to deal with agencies like the IRS, which is why we emphasize clear, frequent communication with our clients. Our goal is to obtain the best possible outcome from your case, no matter how high the stakes – and we will work diligently to achieve favorable results. Handling civil, criminal, domestic, and international tax matters, we serve clients throughout California and nationwide through our convenient satellite office locations. For a reduced-rate consultation, contact us online, or call (800) 681-1295 today.

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"...I highly recommend him to anyone seeking expert guidance on their taxes."

"I had concerns over a potential tax matter and wanted to speak with an expert. Mr. Klasing was very knowledgeable and helpful, and cleared up my concerns during our consultation. He was very direct and matter of fact, which I appreciated. The consult was well worth it and I highly recommend him to anyone seeking expert guidance on their taxes."

- AJ S.

"These guys are amazing !!"

"These guys are amazing !!"

- EvoProdigyX
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"Well worth the consultation fee."

"Great service and timely, rang me at the exact appointment time. Gave clear answers and did not magnify or minimize information. Was knowledgeable and effectively communicated tax rules beyond my every day understanding. Well worth the consultation fee."

- T.J.

"I highly recommend David Klasing."

"David was was very helpful and efficient giving us guidance with our tricky tax situation in just one short phone call, which was very quick and easy to schedule. Being able to speak to someone with knowledge and experience in these matters without breaking the bank was wonderful. I highly recommend David Klasing."

- Melissa L.

“He was kind, helpful, and genuine throughout the entire process…”

“I recently had an online session with David and I was very happy with his services. He was kind, helpful, and genuine throughout the entire process. David’s knowledge and professionalism were evident, and he went above and beyond to provide me with additional advice beyond what was expected. Being a CPA and a lawyer also gave me confidence in his expertise. I highly recommend David to anyone in need of tax services!”

- Maureen W.
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Mr. Klasing was very straightforward and easy to talk with on the phone.

Mr. Klasing was very straightforward and easy to talk with on the phone. He seems like a very trustworthy individual and is willing to offer solitions and help you solve problems without any pressure to hire him as legal counsel. He does not intimidate or use scare tactics to get you to hire him. -Justin

- Kendra S.
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Thank you, Dave Klasing and Team! We highly recommend this firm.

Thank you, Dave Klasing and Team! We highly recommend this firm. Mr. Klasing was simply excellent along with Suzanne. Mr. Klasing met us late on a Monday night, and when we left we knew we had found a solid attorney and CPA. During the process and at conclusion, he was correct and handled everything for us. We not only recommend his services, but if the need presented itself we would not hesitate to use his firm again. -06/09/2023

- K. C.
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Dave was very professional and easy to communicate with.

I have a unique tax situation relating to a real estate sale involving a nonresident alien owner. I couldn't find any lawyer or CPA to even point me in the right direction on how best to do things legally and pay little tax as possible. Dave himself has never encountered such a case (he's honest), but he did the digging and found some very useful information for me. Dave was very professional and easy to communicate with. I am pleased with the advice and service I received. -05/07/2020

- San C.
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No sales talk, just straight advice.

I needed advice for how to best treat international income, and not only did David squarely and reassuringly address that area of inquiry, but he also guided me through pension consideration and real estate investment considerations that came to mind during the conversation. He was very generous with his time and I would absolutely recommend him for a consultation. No sales talk, just straight advice.

- Jeffrey C.
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Highly recommend for any Tax law question.

Took a chance at a 10 minute consult and was extremely impressed. Atty Klasing, is an honest attorney who gave me great legal advice. Highly recommend for any Tax law question. Mine was about classification of employees and he set me straight. Also, spoke to his assistant James who gave me further info at no extra charge. Nice to see such hard working good-ole boys doing such a great service for the community.

- Harold B.
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...if it weren't for Dave, I would have WAY overpaid!

Dave was great! I scheduled a meeting with him and he walked me through the process of writing to the IRS to eliminate penalties that they said I owed. I did what he told me to do, and the next letter I got from the IRS told me that they were REFUNDING me over $3,000. Needless to say I was shocked when I got the letter, and if it weren't for Dave, I would have WAY overpaid! Call him now! -05/05/2021

- Drew S.
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I felt supported and confident leaving our meeting and am definitely going to keep him at the top of my list for all future tax law needs.

I found David after hours of online searching for answers to my growing business and tax law questions and Im so glad I did. As a small business owner and entrepreneur with a myriad of questions I appreciated that he was generous with his time and knowledge. He put me right at ease by answering my questions in a clear and concise manner. He is friendly, helpful, and went above and beyond to also help refer me to several other wonderful advisors. I felt supported and confident leaving our meeting and am definitely going to keep him at the top of my list for all future tax law needs. If you want a team player who will look out for your best interests and who truly cares about his clients, look no further!

- Christine I.
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Award Winning California Tax Attorneys & CPAs

We strive, to the full extent possible, to get the buy in of our tax law clients to our individualized case strategy from the outset of an engagement and strive to keep our client’s fully informed as to the progression in their specific tax situation or case. As a tax lawyer with the highest integrity, our billing is delivered on a weekly basis via an e-mail using full descriptions of the work performed to enable the client to be fully apprised of where their money is going and why.

We strive to respond to client inquires in real time and strive to create a sense within each individual client that they our single most important client no matter the amount of revenue generated by the engagement. We under-promise and over-deliver while adhering to the strictest of professional ethics for tax lawyers but aggressively go the distance for our clients.

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Are Tax Issues Keeping You Awake?

Sleep soundly with the credentials and experience of a dually licensed Tax Attorney and CPA in a boutique law firm. We can assist with incredibly emotional and high-stakes scenarios. Perhaps you are under investigation for tax evasion and need the assistance of a criminal tax defense attorney. Perhaps you are thinking of starting a business and have questions about your tax planning strategy. Or perhaps you are a U.S. citizen with a checking account in your country of origin and want to ensure that you are complying with laws like FATCA. Whether your tax matter is civil or criminal in nature – whether it involves state, federal, or international tax regulations – rely on our knowledgeable team of tax professionals for zealous, around-the-clock support and representation. To arrange a reduced-rate consultation, contact the Tax Law Office of David W. Klasing today.

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David W. Klasing ESQ., MS-Tax, CPA, and the highly qualified and experienced staff of Attorneys, Certified Public Accountants and Enrolled Agents he has assembled, have a very unique and hard to find skill set. Over the past several years, the demands for the firm’s services have proven to extend to all of California and beyond. Since the opportunity costs involved with traveling to one of our satellite offices, where a client misses an appointment for any reason are astronomical, we require the client to first personally attend either a one hour reduced rate initial consultation in Irvine, California, or virtually via the internet through Go-To-Meeting software, or by phone. Thereafter, if needed, we will book an appointment at one of our appointment only satellite offices.

Will it cost me more to hire the Tax Law Offices of David W. Klasing, who’s main office and the vast majority of the firm’s staff is located in Irvine California but a Satellite office is close to my location, as opposed to a local company?

To enable our clients and potential clients to be indifferent on this very valid concern, we employ policies that enable our firm to affirmatively answer with a resounding “NO” to this question. To view those policies, click here or click on the button below.

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Representing Clients from U.S. and International Locations Regarding Federal and California Tax Issues

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Our headquarters is located in Irvine, CA. Our beautiful 19,700 office space is staffed full-time and always available for our clients to meet with our highly qualified and experienced staff of Attorneys, Certified Public Accountants and Enrolled Agents. We also offer virtual consultations and can travel to meet with clients in one of our satellite offices.

Outside of our 4 hour initial consultation option, we do not charge travel time or travel expenses when traveling to one of our Satellite offices, or surrounding business districts, where it is necessary to meet personally with taxing authority personnel, make court appearances, or any in person meeting deemed necessary for the effective representation of a client. To make this as flexible, efficient, and convenient as possible, David W. Klasing is an Instrument Rated Private Pilot and Utilizes the Firms Cirrus SR22 to service client’s in California and in the Southwest by air. Offices outside these areas are serviced via commercial jet airlines. None of these costs are charged to our clients.

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