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In my 20 + years of practice as a tax attorney I have become something of an amateur sleep therapist. An insomniac myself, I can easily relate to how a serious tax issue can keep a potential or current client up at night (and quite often their dually licensed attorney-CPA).   In fact, when I first started my tax law practice, I used to keep an office line in my home and I would, on occasion, shock a potential or current client by answering the phone in the middle of the night. I still do so on occasion, but more often than not, I currently show my clients the passion I have for my chosen profession and the level of commitment I have to them by answering all communications as rapidly as possible and closely monitoring all staff assigned to assist me in solving their tax or financial problems expediently and favorably.


The clients of the Tax Law Office of David W. Klasing have a long history of sleep problems when faced with incredibly emotional and high-stakes scenarios like the following:

  • Facing exposure and consequences for tax crimes where they have consistently cheated on their tax filings and now find themselves under an IRS audit.
  • Being approached by an IRS Criminal Investigation Agent wearing a gun, badge, and handcuffs at 6:30 in the morning whom proceeds to question you about your previous year tax filings.
  • Having your soon to be ex-wife or husband accuse you of tax fraud in divorce court.
  • Being interviewed by the IRS or EDD as part of a responsible party determination for personal assessment of payroll taxes or, worst of all, as part of a possible employment tax fraud investigation.
  • Learning that a whistleblower tax fraud claim has been submitted against you to a taxing authority.
  • Receiving a summons to appear in front of a taxing authority.
  • Learning that your bank records have been summoned or that a taxing authority is speaking to your employees or third parties about you.
  • Being approached by the taxing authorities after a long history of not filing income tax, sales or excise tax returns.
  • Receiving a letter from a foreign bank stating that they are about to release information regarding your foreign account and investments to the IRS knowing that you have not been reporting the associated investment or business income that has been deposited into that account.
  • Learning that a tax authority is attempting to assess a huge tax liability against you as the result of an tax audit and they appear to have gotten the law or the facts wrong in the process.
  • Winding up deeply in debt to the taxing authorities in the wake of a business failure, medical emergency, or through simply consistently living beyond your means, and having your bank account or wages garnished.
  • Finding out the taxing authorities are challenging your status as a real estate professional and realizing the crushing debt that you will face if your real estate losses are recaptured.
  • Finding out the tax shelter you were selling or investing in to offset taxable income has just been declared illegal.
  • Realizing that you are in the 50% tax bracket and ½ of what you make goes to the state of California and the IRS and you just can’t seem to make ends meet.

    Fortunately for my clients, my staff and I have become quite adept over the years in engaging in damage control, at worst, and, ideally, taking the offensive against the taxing authorities. At the same time our tax professionals endeavor to minimize the stress that accompanies high-stakes tax problems which can often threaten a client’s financial well-being and, quite often, their very liberty.  

    About our Tax Law Firm

    The tax attorneys at The Tax Law Offices of David W. Klasing believe that every client’s individual needs should be paramount and front and center to each engagement. We will never put our firm’s inherent need to make a profit, so that we can feed our families, ahead of our clients’ needs for effective, zealous, aggressive, creative, efficient and loyal legal tax representation, accounting and tax compliance services. For example, at our Los Angeles and Orange County locations of our tax law firm we will never counsel a client towards litigation where a fair settlement can be reached without it out of our own self-interest.

    Moreover, we will never take a client’s matter where we do not believe the client will be better off for having engaged us from the outset. We will protect our clients from themselves when necessary. We strive for 100% client satisfaction. We believe that our billing should be transparent and therefore we bill on an hourly basis at the billing rate of the tax lawyer or CPA professional providing the service and always where possible push a client’s work down to the lowest billing rate for the service provided within our organization. We are active members of the community in Los Angeles and Irvine and members of Orange County Bar Association.

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    We strive, to the full extent possible, to get the buy in of our tax law clients to our individualized case strategy from the outset of an engagement and strive to keep our client’s fully informed as to the progression in their specific tax situation or case. As a tax lawyer with the highest integrity, our billing is delivered on a weekly basis via an e-mail using full descriptions of the work performed to enable the client to be fully apprised of where their money is going and why.
    We strive to respond to client inquires in real time and strive to create a sense within each individual client that they our single most important client no matter the amount of revenue generated by the engagement. We under-promise and over-deliver while adhering to the strictest of professional ethics for tax lawyers but aggressively go the distance for our clients.


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