When Should I Call a Tax Attorney in California? [Quiz]

It’s hard to predict when you might be faced with a complex tax situation. Complex tax matters can often be accompanied by high stakes consequences and it’s important to call for outside help when you need to mitigate them. Even seemingly innocent mistakes can be mistaken for purposeful tax evasion which can result in serious consequences like expanded scope or egg shell audits, criminal tax investigations, additional tax liability, civil and criminal penalties and interest charges or restitution and even loss of professional licensure. If the IRS is pursuing, or could potentially choose to pursue criminal tax charges, it’s usually easy to decide that you need an experienced California Criminal Tax Defense Attorney to zealously advocate on your behalf. However, there are many other potentially volatile tax situations that are not as clear-cut.


Figuring out whether or not you need a tax attorney’s help is stressful and it can be overwhelming to try to do the research alone. Fortunately, the Tax Law Offices of David W. Klasing can answer this question for you with a simple click of the mouse. Take our quiz below or call us at (800) 681-1295 for a reduced-rate initial consultation with our team of California Tax Attorneys, CPAs and EAs. Our team of experts can handle a wide variety of domestic and international tax matters and provide aggressive, effective representation. We are very accustomed to being the difference in our client’s lives between merely dealing with financial issues like tax, penalties and interest as opposed to facing the possibility of a criminal tax prosecution as well.   We can help keep your problems solely about money instead of them also including a potential loss of liberty and livelihood.  To learn more, schedule a reduced rate initial consultation online today!