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Funeral Home Presidents Sentenced for Tax Fraud

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Funeral Home Presidents Sentenced for Tax Fraud

Funeral Home

According to a press release by the Department of Justice, Kenneth Dale Stainback, 62, of Burlington, North Carolina, and Stephen Ray Smith, 60, of Mebane, North Carolina were sentenced to federal prison terms and ordered to pay restitution and fines. Stainback, the former President of McClure Funeral Service, and Smith, McClure’s current president, were sentenced to serve fourteen and six months in a federal prison, respectively. The tax fraud charges that were levied against the pair stemmed from their theft of corporate funds from McClure.

According to prosecutors, Stainback and Smith skimmed nearly $420,000 from the coffers of McClure, the funeral home business where they had both served as president. Stainback and Smith were able to divert corporate funds away from McClure into their own account that was established specifically for embezzling funds. In the process of stripping money away from McClure, the duo altered or destroyed invoices to cover their tracks. The actions taken by Stainback and Smith had the effect of reducing the taxable income of the corporation. The pair continued this scheme even in the midst of an IRS examination of McClure. Meanwhile, Stainback opened an account at yet another bank for the purpose of diverting additional money away from McClure without the knowledge of Smith. According to prosecutors, the theft of McClureincome occurred between the 2009 and 2012 fiscal years.

In addition to serving time in federal prison, each of the defendants was ordered to pay more than $158,000 in restitution to the IRS for the corporate tax that would have been due had the corporate funds not been diverted away from McClure. Furthermore, Stainback and Smith were ordered to pay $12,213 and $116, respectively for the individual income tax that is due because the pair did not include the embezzled money on their personal income taxes.

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