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Ohio Man Charged with Tax Fraud, Other Crimes for Defrauding Employer

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March 31, 2014
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Ohio Man Charged with Tax Fraud, Other Crimes for Defrauding Employer


A resident of Solon, Ohio was charged with 15 counts of crimes relating to tax and mail fraud, among others for his role in defrauding his employer. John Miller, a 25-year employee of the Parker Hannifin Corporation is accused of orchestrating an elaborate scheme to steal over $1 million dollars from his company and if convicted, could face serious time in a federal prison.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation, who spearheaded the investigation against Mr. Miller, says that in his capacity at Parker Hannifin, John Miller was able to structure agreements with outside contractors that were doing work for Parker Hannifin to funnel money into his own pocket. Mr. Miller achieved this by approaching various individuals, including his neighbor, and offering a contract for services provided to Parker Hannifin by companies that were either set up for the purposes of this scheme or ones that already were in existence.

Once services were being provided, Miller had invoices submitted to Parker Hannifin that were far in excess of work that was actually done by the outside companies that were granted contracts. Miller submitted invoices on behalf of his own wife and child representing that they were subcontractors of his neighbors company that was established for the purposes of this scheme.

Miller’s neighbor, Nancy Seaman, would receive the payments made by Parker Hannifin and subsequently pay them to Miller in cash less a 30 percent cut for her cooperation in the scheme. Seaman was aware of the plan to defraud Miller’s employer and recently plead guilty in Federal District Court to conspiring with Miller. She is currently awaiting sentencing.

Not only is Mr. Miller being charged with the theft of money from his employer, he is also being charged with tax fraud for not including the money that he stole on his tax return. Miller faces years in a federal prison if he is found guilty of the crimes of which he is accused.

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