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Why hire an attorney to represent me in an audit?

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March 20, 2014
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March 20, 2014
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Why hire an attorney to represent me in an audit?

Superior litigation and advocacy skills 

Due to their specialized training in law, tax attorneys are simply in the best position to advise and defend individuals or businesses. Attorneys bring to the table a number of significant benefits which include:

  • In-depth knowledge of the law, legal research and procedure
  • Specialized training in the art of persuasion and negotiation
  • Three or more years of post-graduate, formal education
  • Attorney-Client Privilege
  • Only attorneys can represent you in a court of law should litigation become necessary
  • Licensure by the California State Bar, which maintains strict minimum competency standards

Attorneys can help you settle your case if necessary

Hiring an attorney as opposed to an accountant or enrolled agent also demonstrates to the IRS and other taxing agencies that you are serious about potentially litigating the merits of your case if necessary. Oftentimes, if the government does not have a reasonable chance of prevailing in a court of law, they may be more willing to settle your case if they know that you are serious about litigation.

Avoidance of excessive civil and criminal liability

Because attorneys are specifically trained in the law, they can help spot issues of IRS misconduct or misinterpretation of the law that other tax professionals may miss, which may significantly reduce your civil and criminal liabilities. Attorneys are also in a better position to detect if the IRS has begun a criminal investigation, and in rare cases may even raise equitable or other non-tax related defenses on your behalf.

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