What a 30 or 90 day letter from the IRS means
March 20, 2014
Rights to disagree with IRS tax auditor’s findings
March 20, 2014
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What is involved with appealing disagreements?

Where you disagree with the findings of an IRS examiner, you may request a meeting with the examiner’s manager. If after doing so, you still are unable to reach an agreement, the Service will provide documentation that explains your right to request a conference with an Appeals Officer.Appeals conferences can be conducted in three ways: by telephone, face-to-face, or by correspondence.

You can choose to represent yourself or have a Certified Public Accountant, an individual enrolled to practice before the IRS, or an Attorney represent you. You may appeal certain actions through the courts if you decide not to appeal within the IRS, or you do not come to an agreement with the Appeals or Settlement Officer.Contact my office to schedule your reduced rate initial consultation to learn how I can assist with your individual tax law concerns.