Your rights during an IRS tax audit
March 20, 2014
Most common audit technique used by taxing authorities
March 20, 2014
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Risks of attending an IRS audit without a tax lawyer

If you choose to attend an audit without proper representation, you may slip and make emotional rather than rational statements under the emotions of helplessness, irritation, aggravation, and anxiety brought on by the experience of being audited and occasionally intentionally cultivated by the auditor. These emotions may result in you saying the wrong thing at the wrong time to the auditor and inadvertently exposing yourself to greater financial and potential criminal liability. Lastly, Auditors are likely to capitalize on your unfamiliarity with the audit process wherever possible.

“Communication Risk” is one of the principle reasons you need representation during an audit. If the examiner misinterprets or misstates your utterances into a criminal admission, it is your word versus the word of the taxing authority. An experienced Tax Attorney can help prevent or rehabilitate you following a miscommunication.

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