Two statements routinely come to mind when I am asked this question, “He who is his own lawyer has a fool for a client” and “going into an audit without the benefit of an Experience Tax Attorney makes about as much sense as performing your own appendectomy”.

Without representation, individuals under audit may make a statement that the tax examiner could potentially interpret as a criminal admission. If the government agent suspects a crime has been committed while he or she is performing your tax audit, they can refer you for criminal prosecution and with most taxing authorities you will be treated internally as guilty until proven innocent.

Moreover, most tax examiners are aggressive by nature and left unchecked could potentially reach a determination that is unreasonable and inconsistent with the applicable facts and circumstances of your case or their determination may be based on erroneous applications of law. An experienced Tax Attorney will be able counter an examiner’s aggressive nature, deal with the often complex technical issues that arise during an audit and be an advocate on your behalf as to any factual or legal issues that arise during the examination.

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