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The Top 20 Tax Havens in the World

Russian Banks to Begin Complying with FATCA
July 18, 2014
Serbia Showing Some Hostility Toward FATCA Requirements
August 21, 2014

The Top 20 Tax Havens in the World

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In recent months, more and more countries have been in the news as their statuses as tax havens change.  But it can be tricky to keep up with these constant developments and fluctuations, so our tax professionals decided to compile a handy infographic ranking some of the top tax havens in the world.

We analyzed data from around the globe, and whittled our search down to the top 20 havens used by Fortune 500 companies.  We looked at the top tax havens for capital tax versus the top tax havens for corporate tax, and found some interesting discrepancies — and similarities — between the two lists.  In both cases, Malta had the highest tax rate at 35%, while many of the lowest tax rates were associated with islands, such as the Cayman Islands and the Channel Islands.

We also examined the top 30 countries with the most money held offshore, and found that Bank of America has the most tax haven subsidiaries by a wide margin.  Businesses like Medtronic and United Technologies landed on the opposite end of the spectrum.