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Tax Litigation FAQ

March 25, 2014

Who has the burden of proof in Tax Litigation

The burden of proof differs by the federal court hearing the Tax Litigation. REFUND ACTIONS IN THE FEDERAL COURT OF CLAIMS OR DISTRICT COURTS Taxpayer’s face […]
March 25, 2014

Who Can Represent a Taxpayer in the Tax Court?

Who Can Represent a Taxpayer in the Tax Court? The taxpayer may represent himself, referred to as pro se, or he may be represented by a […]
March 25, 2014

Which federal court should I litigate my tax issue in?

Federal tax controversies can be litigated within the U.S. Tax Court, the U.S. Court of Federal Claims or the federal district courts. The choice which court […]
March 25, 2014

What tax issues can be successfully litigated?

Tax litigation basically breaks down into two common categories of tax suits: 1: Deficiency actions and 2. Refund actions. A deficiency action is a lawsuit filed […]
March 25, 2014

What is a notice of deficiency?

A notice of deficiency is a letter from the IRS asserting that the taxpayer owes additional taxes. A taxpayer who chooses to dispute the additional tax […]
March 25, 2014

What discovery methods apply in Federal Tax Litigation?

Each federal court has its own discovery rules and procedures. TAX COURT – DEFICIENCY ACTIONS The Tax Court strongly encourages and requires the voluntary exchange of […]