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What Should You Do If you Are Contacted by the IRS in LA for Audit?

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What Should You Do If you Are Contacted by the IRS in LA for Audit?

If you are a Los Angeles area resident and you have received a letter or have been contacted by the IRS in LA for audit there are a few things you need to immediately know:

  1. You cannot get on the “good side” of an IRS auditor, and no amount of an effort to be transparent or to fully comply with their requests will improve your odds for a successful outcome. In fact, it will in all likelihood increase your exposure and the amount you will pay when the audit is concluded.
  2. The IRS has already established a strategy for your audit. The IRS isn’t simply curious about a number or two. There is something in your return(s) that has triggered an audit flag, and the opening request for information is just the beginning. This is not going to be fast or easy.
  3. You should never communicate with the IRS directly. The IRS is trained to get you to provide information that you are not required to disclose, in an effort to expand the scope of the audit. They can and will use this information against you to increase the amount you owe.
  4. The IRS can subpoena any and all records and communications between you, your CPA and your tax preparer. It is important to learn about the attorney-client privilege and how the very conversations you need to have with your CPA or tax preparer can actually provide the evidence the IRS will use against you to increase your tax liability.

My name is David Klasing, and as an experienced LA tax attorney I can provide sound advice, counsel and insight into your situation, and protect valuable information through the attorney-client privilege.  As a CPA and experienced auditor, I am able to quickly get to the root of the issue, identify the IRS’ strategy and ensure that we keep them focused to specific questions and protect you from disclosures that can cause financial harm.  Our accounting services compliment our CPA and seasoned tax attorneys to provide a single source Los Angeles IRS audit defense.

If you received a letter or have been notified by the IRS in LA for audit or any other reason I invite you to contact my office, or call (800) 681-1295 to open a conversation about your risks and exposure in an IRS audit, and the steps you can take to protect yourself and ensure the best possible outcome.