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April 19, 2021
What Happens if My Incomes Taxes Have Errors and I get Audited?

What Happens if My Income Taxes Have Errors and I get Audited?

Taxpayers throughout the nation have already had the pleasure of tracking down W-2s, 1099s, and various documents showing income and other financial transactions. But what if […]
March 24, 2021
How Do You Appeal an FTB Audit?

How Do You Appeal an FTB Audit?

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) administers tax laws and penalties on the federal level. In California, the state equivalent to the IRS is the Franchise Tax […]
April 24, 2020

What Should You Do If You Can’t Deal with the IRS Because of the Coronavirus Shutdown?

As the coronavirus pandemic has swiftly spread across the world, it has brought with it large amounts of confusion and uncertainty. Most state governors, including Governor […]
January 24, 2020

The Creation of the Gig Economy Tax Center Signals IRS Focus on Gig Economy Tax Compliance

An increasing number of workers are embracing the “gig economy” and working for themselves through services like Lyft, Uber, and Airbnb. Setting aside the effects the […]
January 23, 2020

California Business Owner Vindicated by Office of Tax Appeals Over Sales Tax Liability

When a business sells products that are subject to sales tax in California, we typically associate the tax liability with the business, itself. But when the […]
January 13, 2020

Omaha Councilman Awaits Sentencing for Failure to File Federal Income Tax Returns

The Department of Justice (DOJ) has repeatedly proven its willingness to prosecute anyone for tax crimes – including politicians. For example, former Baltimore mayor Catherine Pugh […]