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Bakersfield, CA Corporate Tax Attorney + CPA

Bakersfield, CA Corporate Tax Attorney + CPA

Tax filing errors, record-keeping discrepancies, failures to adequately prepare for audit or oversights in corporate tax planning strategies can undermine the financial health of even the most successful business. Corporations, which are subject to some of the Internal Revenue Code’s most intensive tax regulations, must take particularly careful measures to comply with income, FICA, sales, and other tax requirements, whether enforced by federal agencies like the Internal Revenue Service,  IRS, or state tax agencies such as the California Franchise Tax Board (FTB), California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (CDTFA) or Employee Development Department (EDD).

At the Tax Law Office of David W. Klasing, we are award-winning business tax attorneys who provide S corporations, C corporations, LLCs, and business owners with pragmatic, strategy-driven tax guidance tailored to the company’s goals and needs. Calling on decades of experience in a broad array of practice areas, including complex, niche tax issues specific to corporations, our versatile team of Bakersfield tax attorneys offers comprehensive counsel on all of your corporate tax questions. From tax audit defense and IRS litigation to corporate tax preparation and compliance, our business tax attorneys in Bakersfield have all of your company’s bases covered.

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Bakersfield Business Tax Attorneys for Corporations (S, C)

Our corporate tax lawyers and CPAs provide numerous tax services for C corporations, S corporations, and LLCs that have elected to be treated as corporations for tax purposes. Whether a corporate taxpayer needs assistance evaluating contracts and transactions; filing tax and information returns; incorporating and registering as a business; correcting tax compliance errors; resolving a tax dispute with the IRS or state tax agencies; preparing to undergo auditing; or appealing the results of a tax audit, the Tax Law Office of David W. Klasing provides flexible and focused support.

Entity Selection + Incorporation

Choosing a business structure and forming an entity are two of the first – and most important – stages to starting a corporation. Our entity selection lawyers can help you compare C corporations, S corporations, and LLCs to ensure that you make a decision which aligns with your business goals. We can also help you convert a C corporation into an S corporation in California.

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Corporate Audit Defense + Appeals & Tax Litigation (IRS, FTB, CDTFA, EDD)

Has your business been chosen for a tax audit by the IRS, California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (CDTFA), Employment Development Department (EDD), or Franchise Tax Board (FTB)? Do you have questions concerning the results of a recent state or federal tax audit, or concerns that an auditor might have made mistakes or law or fact when calculating tax assessments, interest, or penalties? Whether an examination is already over, or has yet to begin, our Bakersfield business tax audit lawyers can guide your next steps to minimize the potential damage. We provide an array of federal and California audit services for corporations, partnerships and LLC’s in and around Bakersfield, including:

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Corporate Tax Preparation + Compliance

For many entities, tax compliance is one of the most challenging – and most costly – aspects of doing business. Working with an experienced tax and business law attorney ensures that your business will receive sound, clear guidance – not only in terms of tax strategies you could explore, but even more importantly, tax regulations you must follow. Services we offer in this area include, but are not limited to, the following:

Bakersfield Corporate Tax Lawyers + CPAs for CA, Foreign, and Multinational Companies

From our convenient Bakersfield office, the tax attorneys at the Tax Law Office of David W. Klasing provide nimble, around-the-clock legal and accounting services for California corporations, out-of-state (“foreign”) corporations, and multinational corporations and entities that do business in the United States or offshore. Contact us online right away to arrange a reduced-rate tax consultation or call our Bakersfield tax office at (661) 432-1480. Please note meetings at our Bakersfield location are by appointment only.

Corporate Tax FAQs

The following FAQs may help to provide clarity regarding your tax issue. However, you are advised to seek counsel from an experienced and trusted corporate tax attorney if you have questions about state, federal, or international filing or recordkeeping requirements.

Note: If you have concerns about the privacy of our initial or subsequent communication and are unable to easily travel to our Irvine / Orange County Main Office, consider scheduling a GoToMeeting to safely and securely establish an initial or maintain an existing attorney client relationship.  With end-to-end encryption, strong passwords and top-rated reliability, no one is messing with your meeting. To schedule a reduced rate initial consultation via GoToMeeting follow this link.   Call our office and request a GoToMeeting if you are an existing client. We are generally happy to travel to any of our appointment only satellite offices for a subsequent meeting in appropriate circumstances once a relationship is established via a signed engagement letter and the payment of an initial retainer or where enough retainer is available where a current client to cover the reasonable travel time and time required for the meeting.

Will it cost me more to hire the Tax Law Offices of David W. Klasing, who’s main office and the vast majority of the firm’s staff is located in Irvine California, but an appointment only Satellite office is close to my location, as opposed to a local company?  Absolutely not!  See our policies that address this issue here:

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