Do I Need a Tax Attorney rather than a CPA, EA or CTEC certified Preparer?

There are many reasons a person or business might need a tax attorney instead of a CPA, EA or CTEC certified preparer—even if they’ve been following the law and don’t think they’ve got a legal problem. Ask yourself these questions to find out if you’re one of them:

  • Do you need ACP?  (Attorney Client Privilege)
  • Do you have a conflict of interest with your preparer?
  • Are large dollar amounts at stake?
  • Do you have exposure to being accused of a tax crime?
  • Do you want advanced tax planning combined with entity selection?
  • Do you need estate planning?
  • Has your representative failed to settle your case?
  • Do you owe crushing amounts of tax debt?
  • Does your situation seem too sophisticated for your present tax person?
  • Do you feel like the law and facts are on your side, but the taxing authority is simply being unreasonable?
  • Do you think your preparer committed malpractice?
  • Are you going through, a high net worth divorce, business acquisition or sale, or considering asset protection?
  • Do you think your preparer has been too aggressive in the past?
  • Are your books such a mess that a taxing authority is disallowing all of your expenses?

These are all reasons to hire a tax attorney—the kind of tax professional who can resolve these issues most effectively. Reach out to The Tax Law Offices of David W. Klasing today for the advanced advocacy a tax attorney can bring to the table.

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