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Soccer Business Owner in Trouble for Alleged Tax Fraud, Failure to File, and Other Charges

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Soccer Business Owner in Trouble for Alleged Tax Fraud, Failure to File, and Other Charges

Soccer Business Owner in Trouble for Alleged Tax Fraud, Failure to File, and Other Charges

A Los Angeles businessman who owned and operated several soccer supply stores has found himself in hot water with the feds and state taxing authorities. As a result of a joint investigation between the Department of Justice, California’s Employment Development Department, and the California Franchise Tax Board, Enyinnaya Ojogho of Los Angeles County, is accused of having filed fraudulent business tax returns, illegally paid employees under the table, and failing to report millions of dollars of revenue on his personal tax returns.

In a felony complaint filed late last year, California state prosecutors allege that Ojogho underreported his company’s revenue on his filed California and federal tax returns. Prosecutors estimated that Ojogho underreported gross revenue by over $8,000,000, causing a state income tax loss of more than $128,000. The $8,000,000 of additional revenue Ojogho failed to report on his business tax returns was likewise not included on his federal and state personal income tax returns.

Although Ojogho’s alleged illegal tax activity didn’t begin until 2010, prosecutors have accused him of illegally compensating his employees “under-the-table” with cash payments beginning in 2006. During those years, Ojogho failed to pay payroll taxes in excess of $200,000.

If convicted, Ojogho faces the possibility of several years behind bars and will likely be required to pay hefty fines and penalties, in addition to remediation to the State of California and the IRS.

Knowing When to Seek Help from a Tax Attorney

Although running a business may be hard enough task alone, ensuring that taxes returns are accurately prepared and paid timely is critical. If a business or an individual is unable to pay their taxes, special arrangements with tax authorities can be made that will not result in criminal tax evasion charges.

Making tax arrangements for employees can also be overwhelming to some business owners with little experience in legal or employment tax compliance. Involving an experienced tax attorney in the process will help ensure that legal requirements are met without creating a legal exposure.

Contact an Experienced Tax Attorney Today

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