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The penalties for tax fraud vary – but all have the potential to be harsh. These penalties can cost the taxpayer not only money, but moreover, his or her personal freedom, with some potentially involving years of prison time. Criminal tax offenders may also be placed on supervised release after they leave prison, further restricting their freedoms and privileges. Other consequences of defrauding the IRS may include restitution orders, hefty civil penalties, costly accumulated interest charges, the creation of a criminal record, and/or the loss of professional licenses or certifications, including disbarment, potentially ending one’s career.

The bottom line is that if you have been charged with tax fraud or are under criminal investigation, you need a tough and aggressive tax defense lawyer in your corner. With over 30 years of experience, the San Jose IRS tax fraud defense attorneys at the Tax Law Office of David W. Klasing are here to fight for you.

List of Tax Fraud Offenses

Tax fraud is a broad term that encompasses various criminal offenses, most of which are felonies. Examples of federal crimes that constitute tax fraud include:

Note that this is not an exhaustive list of all possible criminal charges involving tax fraud. For a more comprehensive list, refer to the IRS Tax Crimes Handbook.

How Does the IRS Detect Tax Evasion?

Too many taxpayers make the mistake of assuming the IRS “won’t notice” them. However, the IRS has developed an arsenal of methods and technologies for detecting fraud “red flags” – a fact which is evidenced by the high numbers of tax-related investigations, prosecutions, and convictions that are reported annually. These red flags, known as indicators of fraud or “badges” of fraud, include:

The IRS screens carefully for these and other badges of tax fraud when processing tax returns and conducting tax audits. If any are detected, the case may be referred to a Special Agent from the IRS’ Criminal Investigation Division (IRS-CI). From there, the Department of Justice (DOJ) may become involved, along with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) or other law enforcement agencies. For the complete, official list of IRS indicators of fraud, refer to Internal Revenue Manual (IRM) 25.1.2 (Recognizing and Developing Fraud), Section, available here.

What Are the Penalties for Tax Fraud?

Civil Tax Fraud Penalties

The civil fraud penalty is equivalent to 75% of the underpayment amount stemming from fraud. It may be imposed in a criminal case in addition to criminal fines and other penalties.

Criminal Tax Fraud Penalties

Criminal penalties for various fraud offenses are outlined in each statute. The statutory maximums are as follows:

  • Aiding and Assisting a False Return – Up to three years in prison
  • Failure to File or Pay Taxes – Up to one year in prison
  • Tax Evasion – Up to five years in prison
  • Making and Subscribing a False Return – Up to three years in prison

San Jose IRS Tax Fraud Defense Attorneys and CPAs

If you are under investigation for tax fraud, have been indicted for tax fraud, or have been contacted by an agent from the IRS, FBI, or other government agencies, you should contact the Tax Law Office of David W. Klasing immediately. We may be able to prevent an IRS tax audit from escalating into an IRS criminal investigation. If you have already been charged with tax crimes, we will work toward reduced penalties or an acquittal / declination.

For a reduced-rate, confidential tax consultation with our tax defense lawyers, call our law offices at (805) 617-4566, or contact the Tax Law Office of David W. Klasing online. Please note all meetings at our San Jose office must be scheduled in advance.  See this page for our policy on scheduling a meeting at a satellite location.

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Tax Evasion FAQs

The tax fraud FAQs below are intended purely to provide general information and are in no way intended to constitute or substitute legal advice. Some frequently asked tax fraud questions our tax office receives include: