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Police Officers and Law Enforcement Officers Can Face Tax Audits and Civil/Criminal Tax Penalties Even When Using a Tax Preparer

Police officers, investigators, detectives, and other individuals who dedicate their life to carrying out a role in the criminal justice system are viewed as modern day […]

IRS Small Business/Self-Employed Division Issues Tax Guidance for Taxpayers Who Allege Return Preparer Fraud

In recent years, allegations of tax return preparer fraud have seemed to steadily increase. When tax return preparers pray on the trust of well-meaning taxpayers, all […]

Will the IRS Catch-on if My Tax Preparer Claims I Own a Company or Have Business Expenses When I Do Not? 

It is true that few people want to pay more in taxes than they are required to pay. It is also true that some tax preparers […]

What Does a Willful Failure to Report Offshore Accounts Mean?

On this blog, we have frequently discussed the willfulness standard as it relates to one’s duty to satisfy offshore account and asset disclosure obligations set forth […]

Taxpayers and Tax Preparers Alike Can Be Burned When Understating Tax Liabilities and Overstating Refunds

For at least some taxpayers and tax preparers, their foremost goal is minimizing or eliminating the taxes that they or their clients owe. For taxpayers, this […]

Tax Preparer Fraud is Corrosive to the Tax System and Can Result in a Prison Sentence

Throughout cities and communities in the United States, tax preparers, and other professionals occupy a position of public trust. Taxpayers rely on and trust in these […]