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    New York, often recognized as the world’s financial epicenter, epitomizes ambition, innovation, and resilience. From Manhattan’s majestic skyscrapers to Brooklyn’s vibrant streets, the city thrives as a nexus of businesses, entrepreneurs, and visionaries. Amid this bustling backdrop, New York’s residents confront many opportunities and challenges. One of the most intricate of these is navigating the federal tax challenges inherent to operating in such a distinguished locale. Whether you’re a tech startup, a Wall Street stalwart, or an individual navigating the complexities of federal tax regulations, the journey can appear daunting.

    Navigating a dispute with the IRS does not always have to require stepping into the courtroom. Many times, taxpayers and the IRS can find common ground, crafting resolutions without the need for federal tax litigation. However, when faced with federal tax audit results that don’t seem fair, you’re presented with two stark choices: either accept the IRS’s judgment or stand up and defend your rights through federal tax litigation.

    Federal Tax litigation is the method by which civil tax disputes, which may sometimes encompass underlying criminal tax matters, are presented, reviewed, and adjudicated in the appropriate legal venue. Various legal forums, such as the U.S. Tax Court, which is exclusively devoted to federal tax disputes; the U.S. District Court, where tax and other federal issues are deliberated; and the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, which addresses tax disputes in the context of bankruptcy, play pivotal roles in this process.

    It’s essential to remember that despite its vast resources, the IRS often misinterprets the facts or the law in a way that leads to additional tax, penalties and interest being erroneously assessed. If you don’t challenge their determination, you bear the financial consequences of their potential oversights and misunderstandings. So, when you believe the stakes are high and the IRS’s decision is questionable, it’s not just about accepting their verdict or fighting back—it’s about ensuring fairness and justice in a system where even the mighty IRS can err.

    The mere thought of challenging the IRS, with its formidable array of agents and prosecutors, can be daunting. Most taxpayers’ instinctive reaction to a grave tax notification is to seek a swift and economical resolution. Unfortunately, a rapid resolution to the tax dispute may not be possible regarding allegations involving large IRS tax debts, alleged tax fraud, or corporate tax issues. In such nuanced scenarios, the most practical option may be to initiate tax litigation by suing the IRS with the help of a seasoned dual-licensed Tax Litigation Attorney and CPA.

    Introducing the Tax Law Offices of David W Klasing in New York: Your Federal Dual-Licensed Tax Litigation Attorneys and CPAs

    In the vibrant heart of New York, the Tax Law Offices of David W. Klasing stand as a beacon of Federal tax litigation success as demonstrated by our winning record. Our specialized boutique tax litigation firm is largely dedicated to Federal tax law, housing a stellar team of award-winning, dual-licensed Tax Litigation Attorneys and CPAs. With nearly three decades of experience, our seasoned professionals skillfully navigate the complex web of domestic and international federal tax laws, offering invaluable assistance to individuals and businesses grappling with intricate federal tax dilemmas.

    At the forefront of our New York team is the esteemed David W. Klasing, a name synonymous with excellence in federal tax litigation. With his dual credentials as a Tax Attorney and CPA, David proudly holds an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and a perfect 10.0 AVVO score. Having earned a Master’s in Taxation, a prestigious set of credentials that is shared by an estimated mere 3,000 tax professionals nationwide, David provides unparalleled support to clients steering through the challenges of IRS tax litigation.

    Our firm boasts an impeccable record, having never faced defeat in the Federal Tax Court. This track record is a testament to our meticulous case selection and unshakeable confidence in achieving favorable outcomes for our clientele. Whether you are an individual navigating through an IRS tax audit or a business owner entangled in interstate tax disputes with California, our dedicated team is ready to provide unmatched support and representation, with your best interests always serving as your guiding star. We are adept at resolving disputes through administrative channels and, when necessary, through federal tax litigation, staunchly advocating and defending our clients with unwavering determination and enthusiasm when tax litigation is in their best interest.

    At the Tax Law Offices of David W. Klasing, every case is approached with a commitment to transparency, integrity, and a focus on your unique needs. With the IRS settling 98% of cases, they are often as reluctant to litigate as you might be. This statistic implies that in most situations, there’s potential for a resolution that benefits both parties without costly court proceedings. However, when federal tax litigation becomes unavoidable, our proficient team of dual-licensed Tax Litigation Attorneys and CPAs in New York are prepared to advocate passionately on your behalf, leveraging a history of successful negotiations with the IRS.

    We engage in cases only when we identify clear opportunities for positive change through appeals and federal tax litigation. Our unwavering commitment is to ensure you receive fair treatment from the federal taxing authorities, with your needs and rights taking precedence over our financial considerations. In every scenario, your welfare and equitable treatment by federal taxing authorities is our paramount concern, superseding all else.

    Recognizing the city’s fast-paced dynamics, we’ve implemented a flexible scheduling system, allowing clients to secure a four-hour flat fee meeting across any satellite location. This would need to be proceeded by a one-hour phone or encrypted go to meeting to warrant travel to the east coast to ensure that we are a good fit before committing to the travel required. David W. Klasing, committed to providing a personalized experience, will personally travel to any of our virtual offices, ensuring clients receive a direct and tailored encounter without additional travel expenses. Access to our services is as easy as a call to 800-681-1295 or clicking the following link to schedule a reduced-rate initial consultation, and we will be there to address your federal tax concerns.

    Understanding Federal Civil Tax Litigation

    Civil tax controversies at the federal level often commence with a tax audit, assessment, and collection activities initiated by the IRS or taxpayers filing refund claims. The process often follows an IRS tax audit that included a meticulous review of the taxpayer’s financial records to identify discrepancies. If issues are detected, the IRS proposes adjustments to the taxpayer’s returns. Subsequently, the taxpayer receives an examination report detailing these adjustments and a notification of their right to appeal within a 30-day window.

    During this pivotal 30-day appeal period, taxpayers can challenge the IRS’s proposed alterations. This stage typically involves a conference with an IRS Appeals Officer, necessitating filing a formal written protest by the taxpayer. In this document, taxpayers must clearly articulate their disagreements with the proposed adjustments, providing substantiation for each point of contention. This appeal stage is crucial, serving as a platform for taxpayers to voice their disputes regarding the IRS’s adjustments to their federal tax returns.

    If the 30-day letter elicits no response, or if the IRS Appeals Office and the taxpayer fail to reach an agreement, a notice of deficiency is dispatched to the taxpayer. This notice starts a 90-day timeframe for the taxpayer to petition the U.S. Tax Court. Inaction during these 90 days results in the IRS finalizing the assessment based on the notice of deficiency, irrespective of the accuracy of the proposed adjustments. The civil tax litigation process demands a comprehensive understanding of federal tax laws and careful navigation through procedural complexities.

    Navigating the nuanced terrain of federal civil tax litigation requires a profound understanding of substantive federal tax laws and strategic insight in engaging with revenue agents, devising tax audit mitigation strategies, and pursuing administrative and judicial appeals. Our team, comprised of dual-licensed Tax Litigation Attorneys and CPAs, are rockstars in litigating federal tax controversies, even where there is a criminal tax issue underlying the litigation. Whether spearheading the resolution of your tax controversy, serving as astute advisors, or assisting in planning transactions to preempt future disputes, our professionals are unwaveringly committed to protecting your financial interests, net worth and where at issue, your very liberty.

    Engaging our services ensures that you have seasoned counsel capable of effectively conducting discussions with the IRS, crafting persuasive written appeals, and providing adept representation in the United States Tax Court, District Courts, or Court of Federal Claims. With your optimal outcome as our guiding principle, we offer committed and meticulous support through each phase of federal tax litigation, standing as your steadfast allies and providing the advocacy and support necessary for you to navigate through the complexities with confidence and assurance.

    How Can Criminal Exposure Arise in Federal Tax Litigation?

    Criminal tax exposure can arise in Federal Tax Litigation when there are suspicions of tax-related crimes at the federal level. Such fears often stem from tax audits that have proceeded to the appeals or chief counsel’s office, particularly if issues like tax evasion, fraudulent tax return filings, or concealment of foreign assets are identified. Tax Audits and criminal tax investigations involve meticulous examinations by the IRS. The taxpayer’s financial records and tax returns are scrutinized during these examinations to uncover possible unlawful activities.

    The IRS employs advanced data analytics and forensic accounting techniques, often collaborating with other law enforcement agencies, to accurately identify and investigate criminal activity & tax evasion. The case may be forwarded to the Department of Justice (DOJ) for prosecution if substantial evidence of criminal activity is uncovered. Criminal tax offenses carry hefty penalties, including fines, restitution, and possible imprisonment, depending on the nature and severity of the crime.

    Because of the complexity of federal tax law, especially in the face of a criminal tax charge, speaking with an experienced dual-licensed Tax Litigation Attorney and CPA can help you respond to de-escalate potential criminal tax charges and help you best understand your posture coming out of a civil tax audit and into federal tax litigation.

    Why Choose the Tax Law Offices of David W Klasing

    At the Tax Law Offices of David W. Klasing in New York, we take pride in our deep understanding of federal tax matters. Our team of distinguished dual-licensed Tax Attorneys and CPAs has a proven long track record of successfully navigating the intricacies of federal tax issues. With decades of combined experience in both federal tax and business sectors, we are adept at handling civil tax matters while being sensitive to the potential emergence of criminal tax issues during the federal tax litigation process.

    David’s proven proficiency is now available in New York, at our appointment-only satellite office, providing both legal and tax services in one place—at a single hourly billing rate. We have just introduced a flexible scheduling option where our clients can reserve a four-hour slot at any of our satellite locations, and David W. Klasing will travel to any of our satellite offices to meet with you personally. This option must be preceded by a one-hour phone or go to meeting consultation to warrant incurring the travel expenses and opportunity costs of traveling to the east coast. We have designed this service to benefit our clients, with no additional travel expenses added to your billCall us at 800-681-1295 or complete our online contact form today.

    In addition to our fully staffed 19,700 square foot penthouse office in Irvine, the Tax Law Offices of David W. Klasing has unstaffed (conference room only) satellite offices in Los AngelesSan BernardinoSanta BarbaraPanorama CityOxnardSan DiegoBakersfieldSan JoseSan FranciscoOaklandCarlsbad, Sacramento, Las Vegas, NevadaSalt Lake City, UtahPhoenix, Arizona, and Albuquerque, New Mexico. We also have virtual offices in Austin, Texas; Miami, Florida; and Washington, D.C.

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