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The Tax Law Offices of David W. Klasing, located in the Riverpark area of Oxnard, California, may be able to help with any of your tax needs. Our Experienced Tax Attorneys, CPAs, and EAs pride ourselves on excellent service and client satisfaction. Whether you are a private individual, an entrepreneur, a business owner, or a wealthy investor, our Tax Attorneys, CPAs and EAs can help you with Estate and Tax Planning, Audit Defense, International Taxation, and any most Tax and Business Law services routinely needed by small to middle-market businesses and their owners and managers.

Our tax professionals have the licensing, certifications and combined multiple decades of experience necessary to help you navigate the complications and intricacies of taxation. We have helped thousands of clients throughout Southern California, and would be happy to help you, too. See our Testimonials. Call 800-681-1295 or schedule online today to arrange a reduced rate initial consultation at our Oxnard Tax Law Office, or another convenient location near you.

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Tax Planning for Businesses and Estates

Many Americans have experience in working with a tax professional to handle their income and estate taxes, but not every estate and income tax professional has the skills, education, experience, licensing and certification necessary to plan your income and estate taxes in a way that effectively minimizes them through entirely legal and ethical means. If you are a small business owner, our tax planning services may be able to help you plan your business investments and financial decisions in a way that best reduces your tax burden and maximizes your profits.

Estate planning is often complex and surprisingly counter intuitive. Our Estate Planning Attorneys work with clients to put in place the classic will with a pour over provision, creation of a living trust, and determining how their estate will ultimately pass to their heirs when they are gone in a manner that avoids probate expenses and minimizes / avoids estate tax. This process will help you maximize the amount of wealth that you pass on to your loved ones, and reduce the tax that the IRS will attempt to take from your hard-earned net worth if the proper estate planning steps are not taken.

IRS Audit Defense in Oxnard, CA

The word “audit” strikes fear into the hearts of many taxpayers. Whether you are a business owner, investor, white-collar employee, or blue-collar worker, the risk of a tax audit is always a very real possibility. The IRS generally looks for statistical irregularities, consistently low tax burdens, and other “red flags” when deciding whom to audit. California residents may see a higher incidence of audits among their peers and neighbors – and while this may not be part of official IRS policy, it may mean an increased risk that you will face an audit.

If you think you may be audited or have received notice of an audit, talk to an Audit Defense Attorney in Oxnard right away. A Tax Audit Defense Attorney and his or her support staff of CPAs and EAs, like those employed at the Tax Law Offices of David W. Klasing, may be able to help convince the IRS that your taxes were filed correctly at best, or, at worst, reduce the tax, penalties and interest and mitigate any potential criminal tax exposure related to errors discovered during an audit or tax investigation.

Appealing the Results of an IRS Tax Audit

If you agree with the outcome of your IRS tax audit, you may resolve your tax matter by paying the assessed amount and signing the appropriate documents. If, however, you believe that the IRS made an error or came to an incorrect conclusion, it may be possible for you to dispute the audit by initiating the appeals process with assistance from an experienced Oxnard Tax Lawyer where the IRS has either the facts or the law wrong. Depending on the amount in dispute, it may be more appropriate to submit a Small Case Request as an alternative to appeals. If it is determined that appealing is the appropriate course of action, your Tax Attorney in Oxnard can guide you through each step of the process, which either begins with a written “protest letter” setting forth the nature of your dispute, the reasons for your dispute, and the laws and facts supporting your argument or a formal Tax Court Petition making similar arguments as to where the government got either the law or the facts wrong in your case.

International Taxation Services in Oxnard

Many Californians have overseas investments, businesses and offshore accounts. The U.S. government gives many foreign accounts an unjustified, negative reputation, seeing them as potentially sinister because they don’t provide 1099 reporting on the associated investment income and are hard to trace. They seem to be suspicious of taxpayers that have businesses, investments and the associated offshore bank accounts, suspecting that U.S. taxpayers may be trying to facilitate income tax evasion, money laundering or terrorism. In an attempt to fight this perceived problem, the IRS and the United States have instituted laws requiring numerous varieties of foreign information, income and transfer tax reporting. This means that there are multiple information and income and transfer tax returns that you may be required to file every year if you have offshore businesses, investments, bank accounts, mutual funds, or other investment accounts, or if you have signature authority over such an account even if not in your personal name.

1040 Form Schedule

The most well-known form you may need to file is called an FBAR, which stands for Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts. This form tells the government what foreign accounts you have opened, how much money is in them, and other information they need to know to track your funds and net worth. Additionally, the IRS may require you to submit a Form 8938. The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act deals with reporting requirements for offshore assets, and may require Form 8938 be submitted in addition to your annual FBARs. Talk with an International Tax Attorney to understand your foreign account, information and income tax reporting requirements.

Tax Crimes in California

The absolute worst outcome for any taxpayer, worse than penalties or interest on unpaid taxes, can be criminal charges. Willful failure to file and tax evasion are the most commonly-charged tax crimes. Any intentional acts to hide funds or sources of income from the U.S. government in a collection action, underpay taxes during the self-assessment process through fraud, or otherwise deceive the IRS may be felonies in the U.S. If you think you may be charged with a tax crime, contact a Criminal Defense Tax Attorney right away. Our Tax Lawyers, CPAs and EAs can help you avoid prosecution through an offshore or domestic voluntary disclosure where appropriate, or provide an effective defense where you are being criminally investigated and prosecuted for tax crimes.

Oxnard Tax Law Offices

For any of your tax planning compliance and controversy needs in Oxnard, contact the Lawyers at The Tax Law Offices of David W. Klasing today. Our experienced Tax Lawyers offer a reduced-rate consultation on new cases or engagements. Call 805-617-4566 or 800-681-1295 or contact us online today to schedule a reduce rate initial consultation at our Oxnard tax law offices, or at one of our other convenient locations across Southern California.