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    Facing High-risk Federal Tax Audit in Phoenix?

    Navigating the intricate federal tax landscape that applies to Phoenix requires expertise, especially with federal agencies like the IRS actively scrutinizing tax returns. Whether you’re grappling with the consequences of unfiled taxes, bracing for an imminent IRS audit, or deciphering complex federal tax regulations, the importance of a proficient ally in Phoenix, Arizona, cannot be overstated.

    Our dual-licensed Phoenix Tax Audit Attorneys and CPAs excel in addressing complex federal tax dilemmas. From meticulously managing amended returns to adeptly handling complex IRS correspondence audits, we always place your interests at the forefront, ensuring minimized risks and solutions tailored to your needs. With nearly three decades of tax and business acumen, our award-winning Phoenix dual-licensed Tax Audit Attorneys and CPAs are a pillar of trust and dependability. Our federal tax audit practice areas include (but are not limited to) the following:

    Table of Contents

    Need a Criminal Tax Defense Attorney in Phoenix?

    Our dual-licensed Phoenix Criminal Tax Defense Attorneys & CPAs excel at representing clients in IRS tax audits, especially when they have blatantly cheated on the return under audit and thus fear criminal tax prosecution. To date, we have never had an audit client criminally prosecuted for tax crimes. When facing a federal tax audit from agencies like the IRS, certain red flags, such as destroyed records, underreported income, or unfiled returns, can intensify their examination. If an IRS auditor detects badges of fraud and thus suspects tax evasion, the case can be referred to the often clandestine Criminal Investigation Division of the IRS (IRS-CI).

    With nearly three decades of expertise, our team can identify and manage high-risk “eggshell audits” where the examined return contains significant misinformation. We understand the gravity of potential tax charges stemming from intentional tax evasion, fraudulent withholding, or false statements and the associated heavy fines and potential prison sentences. Our proactive approach protects our clients from civil and exponentially severe criminal tax penalties. If you’re concerned about a federal tax audit leading to criminal tax charges, our award-winning Phoenix Criminal Tax Defense Attorneys & CPAs are here to provide aggressive, informed representation in areas including:

    Facing Tax Controversies in Phoenix?

    At the Tax Law Offices of David W. Klasing, our dual-licensed Phoenix Tax Litigation Attorneys and CPAs are dedicated to providing unparalleled representation in federal IRS tax disputes. To date, we have never lost in tax court. We won’t take your case if we don’t believe we’ll win. By filing a tax court petition, there’s a 90% chance of bettering your situation significantly when tax penalties and interest reduction substantially exceed litigation costs. Our approach involves two bites at the apple: first with appeals and then with IRS chief counsel’s office on the courthouse steps. We’ve never stepped foot in tax court, sparing our clients the most expensive part of tax litigation. Having a 98% settlement rate, the IRS typically seeks to avoid tax litigation just as much as you’d want to.

    Tax controversies often arise when a federal tax agency, such as the IRS, believes a tax is owed, and a taxpayer or company disagrees. Conversely, disputes can also emerge when taxpayers believe they are owed a refund. Whether you’re facing criminal tax exposure, need guidance on a civil tax audit, eggshell audit, reverse eggshell audit, or are under a criminal tax investigation, having a seasoned Phoenix dual-licensed Tax Litigation Attorney and CPA by your side is invaluable. Our commitment to delivering personalized and effective representation to our clients sets us apart in the industry. We specialize in disputes arising in:

    Need Help with Getting Back into Tax Compliance without Facing Criminal Tax Prosecution?

    Our dual-licensed Phoenix Voluntary Disclosure Attorneys and CPAs offer experienced guidance through the IRS Voluntary Disclosure Practice (VDP). This service is crucial for taxpayers who have willfully/fraudulently avoided tax obligations, as it provides a structured & protected way to come clean and avoid criminal tax prosecution. We will assist you in making truthful, complete, and timely disclosures to the IRS, which includes arranging payment for owed taxes, interest, and penalties and cooperating with the IRS to determine the correct tax liability in what basically amounts to a federal tax amnesty program for those who qualify.

    Moreover, we navigate the complexities of various voluntary disclosures, including domestic and offshore voluntary disclosures, streamlined procedures, and delinquent FBAR and international information return submission procedures. As long as a taxpayer who has willfully committed tax avoidance (potentially including non-filed foreign information returns coupled with affirmative evasion of U.S. income tax on offshore income) self-reports the federal tax non-compliance through a domestic or offshore voluntary disclosure before the IRS has started an audit or criminal tax investigation/prosecution, the taxpayer can ordinarily be successfully brought back into tax compliance and receive a nearly guaranteed pass on criminal tax prosecution and simultaneously often receive a break on the civil penalties that would otherwise apply. We deal with:

    Seeking Assistance with IRS Appeals Representation?

    Are you dissatisfied with the outcome of an IRS audit or facing IRS collection actions? Suppose you disagree with the IRS tax audit’sPhoenix Tax Attorney conclusion and subsequent recommendations. In that case, you should know you have the right to an appeal and can have our experienced dual-licensed Phoenix IRS Appeals Attorney and CPAs represent you. IRS Appeals are available based on financial disagreement only, and we will help you identify which statutes and precedents best substantiate your specific disagreements. If you’re dealing with an IRS tax audit, challenging a tax assessment, or seeking relief from IRS collection actions, our meticulous approach ensures you’re well-prepared for every step of the appeals process. From handling trust fund recovery penalties to disallowed business expenses, we will ardently fight for you, keeping you informed throughout the process.

    If you find yourself at odds with the results of an IRS tax audit or facing IRS collection actions, our experienced IRS Appeal Attorneys in Phoenix are at your disposal. We will help maximize your chances of making a successful appeal while resolving your federal tax liabilities as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. We will also assist you in preparing the strongest tax court petition as possible and will do our utmost to negotiate a favorable compromise on your behalf. At our helm is David W. Klasing, a former auditor with nearly three decades of experience in public accounting. With his expertise in both tax law and accounting, we provide strategic insight to help you make informed decisions regarding your tax appeal. Whether you need to appeal the IRS’s entire decision or specific rulings, we will educate you about your options and guide you toward a favorable resolution. We can help you appeal IRS tax audits of federal tax returns or other IRS decisions involving:

    Consult Our Phoenix International Tax Attorneys.

    If you’re engaged in international business or managing foreign investment assets, the shifting terrain of global taxation can present daunting challenges. At the Tax Law Offices of David W. Klasing in Phoenix, our team of dual-licensed International Tax Attorneys and CPAs is equipped to safeguard your interests. With the IRS intensifying efforts to uncover unreported income from abroad, it’s crucial to address any compliance oversights promptly. Now is the time to get the seasoned eyes of legal counsel on your international tax filing history to get you back into compliance in a fashion that minimizes additional tax, penalties, and interest and successfully avoids criminal tax prosecution. Whether you’re an American expatriate or a multinational corporation, we’re here to ensure your international tax dealings are handled with utmost precision and foresight. We are also associated with top international lawyer Marc Schwartz, a dually licensed International Tax Attorney and CPA, which enriches our capability to address the federal and offshore implications of international tax and estate planning and compliance.

    Our Phoenix team of dual-licensed International Tax Attorneys and CPAs provides a robust suite of services tailored to the federal international tax needs of American expatriates and businesses engaged in cross-border operations. With a keen focus on the intricacies of international tax law, we offer invaluable guidance on navigating the complexities of FBAR and FATCA compliance and the nuances of international tax treaties. With the IRS intensifying its scrutiny of offshore assets and activities, our seasoned professionals are adept at structuring international business operations to optimize tax efficiency, advising on the most advantageous entity types while considering liability, capitalization, and strategic exit planning. We ensure that international tax reporting obligations are met precisely, assisting foreign-owned U.S. corporations and foreign corporations with U.S. activities in fulfilling their filing requirements and navigating the tax implications of establishing a U.S. presence. With their guidance, you can confidently manage your international tax stance, minimize the risk of double taxation, and avoid costly transfer pricing penalties. Click on the following to learn more:

    Struggling with Cryptocurrency Taxation Issues in Phoenix?

    In the rapidly evolving world of virtual currencies like Bitcoin and other digital assets, many investors and traders are navigating complex Federal tax implications. Receiving a letter from the IRS about unreported cryptocurrency transactions can be alarming. It may lead to a high-risk eggshell audit or even a covert criminal tax investigation if not addressed appropriately. The shock is palpable for many when they discover that exchanges of one type of crypto for another are taxable events or that the IRS might have obtained their transaction details from sources like Coinbase. The volatile nature of the crypto market, with its significant highs in 2017 followed by subsequent lows, has left many with substantial tax liabilities, often disproportionate to their current portfolio value.

    Our Phoenix Bitcoin and Virtual Currency Tax Attorneys & CPAs have extensive experience in all facets of cryptocurrency, from understanding the nuances of airdrops to addressing challenges faced by individuals whose crypto was held with a brokerage that has since folded. The exposure is even more significant for those who’ve ventured offshore with cryptocurrency. However, there’s a silver lining: taxpayers who’ve inadvertently committed tax discrepancies can often self-report through voluntary disclosure, potentially avoiding criminal tax prosecution and benefiting from reduced civil tax penalties. Whether you’re dealing with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, or any other virtual currency, call us today at (602) 975-0296 or schedule a reduced-rate initial consultation here, and we will successfully guide you through the record-keeping and reporting procedures required to file a tax return. Read our story “Tax Fraud is Going Virtual” to know more about virtual tax evasion. For more information, see the following:

    Need Guidance on FinCEN Filling Requirement in Phoenix?

    Navigating the intricacies of the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) and FinCEN’s new filing requirements can be daunting for businesses in Phoenix. The Tax Law Offices of David W. Klasing, with our dual-licensed Tax Attorneys and CPAs, is at the forefront of assisting corporations, LLCs, and other business entities to comply with these and other federal regulations.

    Worried About a Penalty for Unfiled Tax Returns?

    The U.S., unique in its citizenship-based taxation, imposes stringent disclosure laws, especially for those holding foreign assets. Non-compliance, failing to file or pay taxes, can result in hefty penalties, with a 5% charge on the outstanding tax bill for each month of delay. Moreover, undisclosed foreign accounts, once considered safe havens, now carry substantial risks due to regulations like FATCA and the Bank Secrecy Act’s FBAR. At the Tax Law Offices of David W. Klasing, our Phoenix dual-licensed Unfiled Tax Attorneys and CPAs stand ready to guide you through these complexities. Whether you’re confronting the repercussions of unfiled tax returns or navigating foreign account disclosures, our expertise ensures compliance and protection against potential civil or criminal tax penalties.

    For any of your tax planning compliance and controversy needs in Orange County, contact the Tax Law Offices of David W. Klasing today. Call (602) 975-0296, or contact us online today to schedule a reduced rate initial consultation:

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