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    Tax Law Offices of David W. Klasing

    Celebrated for its vibrant economy and cultural diversity, Miami is a magnet for individuals and businesses involved in finance, international trade, and the arts. The city’s dynamic economic landscape, marked by a significant presence of high-net-worth individuals and multinational corporations, often leads to complex federal tax disputes. Consequently, within this bustling environment, federal tax litigation becomes inevitable. It serves as a crucial mechanism for resolving tax disputes, providing a pathway for entities and individuals to navigate through the intricate and challenging scenarios they encounter in Miami’s unique financial ecosystem. The process is vital for clarifying uncertainties, safeguarding financial interests, and ensuring adherence to the complex tapestry of federal tax laws and regulations that govern the city’s diverse economic activities.

    Annually, the IRS meticulously audits many federal tax returns submitted by U.S. citizens residing in Miami, spanning various income levels and sectors. These tax audits are designed to scrutinize the accuracy of returns, with some culminating in the taxpayer receiving clearance, necessitating no amendments to their submissions. However, it is common for IRS tax audits to unveil errors or discrepancies. The subsequent course of action is contingent upon the nature of the mistakes or intentional falsehoods identified, the extent of their impact on tax computations, and the deliberateness of the taxpayer’s actions, among other considerations. Taxpayers dissatisfied with their IRS tax audit results possess the option to contest the IRS’s tax assessment or tax bill through filing an appeal. Should your appeal not yield the fair results you anticipate, you are left with two pivotal choices: accept what the IRS is doing to you or prepare to fight for your case at the Federal Tax Court ardently.

    Introducing the Tax Law Offices of David W. Klasing

    In navigating through these intricate proceedings, the Tax Law Offices of David W. Klasing in Miami offer invaluable support and representation. Our team, comprised of seasoned dual-licensed Tax Litigation Attorneys and CPAs, boasts a wealth of experience advocating for clients in diverse civil and criminal tax proceedings against the IRS. With deep-seated expertise in IRS tax audits and a proven long track record before the Appeals Division of the IRS, Chief Counsels’ Office, and the Federal Tax Court, we are committed to securing the most favorable resolution for your case, be it through adept negotiation for settlement or rigorous advocacy at a federal tax trial.

    If the IRS got either the law or the facts wrong, file a tax court petition, and we have a 90% chance of bettering your situation (i.e., Reduction of Tax Penalties and Interest exceeds the cost of litigation by a substantial margin) if we can prove that the law and the fact are on your side. Engaging with us provides an initial opportunity for appeal and a secondary chance for negotiation with the Chief Counsel’s Office, often resolving the matter without resorting to costly court appearances. With a track record of never having to physically step foot in tax court, we not only alleviate the financial stress of tax litigation for our clients but also align with the IRS’s preference for settlement, evidenced by their 98% settlement rate. Our commitment to honesty and fairness means we’ll candidly advise on the viability of your appeal and tax litigation prospects. We will only take on your case if it genuinely serves your interests, never compromising your needs for our financial gain.

    At the forefront of our esteemed team is David W. Klasing, boasting an admirable A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and an impeccable perfect 10.0 score from AVVO, who remains steadfast in his commitment to exceptional tax audit defense representation. In a nation teeming with over a million attorneys and more than half a million CPAs, only an estimated 24,000 professionals have the distinction of dual licensure. Even more exclusive, a mere 3,000 have additionally achieved the esteemed credential of having earned a Master’s in Taxation. David W. Klasing, a prominent figure within this elite group, leverages his unmatched academic and nearly three decades of hands-on experience to support our clients through their IRS tax litigation challenges.

    Miami residents can tap into David’s renowned expertise at our appointment-only satellite office. We commit to seamlessly merging legal and tax services under one roof—at a single hourly billing rate. We’ve recently unveiled a flexible scheduling system, enabling clients to secure a four-hour flat fee meeting across any satellite location. We have extensive civil and criminal tax law experience, including nearly three decades of audit defense experience, cementing our reputation as an award-winning firm with a long record of positive results. Access to our services is as easy as scheduling an online appointment. Or call us at 800-681-1295, and we will be there to address your federal tax litigation concerns.

    Understanding Federal Tax Court Proceedings

    Initiating a case in the federal Tax Court requires your attorney to prepare and file a tax court petition diligently, typically seeking relief from tax audit results or other investigations that have significantly increased your tax liability, often with additional penalties and interest. This petition must clearly outline each error, in law or fact, that the IRS allegedly made while determining their contested position. Any issue not raised will be conceded to the IRS. The petition must be filed within 90 days of receiving a notice of deficiency from the IRS. Following the petition, the IRS has 60 days to respond or 45 days to file a motion. The government usually admits any allegation not explicitly addressed in the federal Tax Court.

    At this stage, our experienced dual-licensed Tax Litigation Attorneys and CPAs at the Tax Law Offices of David W. Klasing engage in negotiations, first with the appeals and then the Chief Counsel’s Office, aiming to reach a settlement that reduces or eliminates your proposed tax bill in exchange for withdrawing the case, thus easing the court system’s burden. Most cases of this nature are settled without going to trial. Should you opt not to settle, our adept litigation attorneys stand ready to craft and deliver a compelling case before the tax court. Through the strategic use of witnesses and evidence, while effectively challenging those presented by the IRS, we aim to highlight the inequity in your tax assessment, ardently advocating for its reduction or outright elimination. In Miami, a city with a bustling population and significant economic activity, federal tax court hearings are held more frequently to accommodate the volume of cases. These sessions are conducted regularly, providing a platform for the timely resolution of federal tax disputes in this dynamic metropolis.

    For disputes involving $50,000 or less, you can bring the matter before the small tax case division, which offers a more streamlined process but also results in the loss of certain rights and advantages. This division has more relaxed rules of evidence and does not require briefs. Given these nuances, it would be wise to consult with our experienced dual-licensed Tax Litigation Attorneys and CPAs before making any filing decisions. Be advised that electing small tax case status means the Tax Court’s decision is final with no appeal rights, making it crucial to consult with counsel beforehand. At the Tax Law Offices of David W. Klasing, we offer comprehensive guidance on electing small tax case status compatible with your case’s unique complexities, helping you understand its irreversible nature and implications to ensure that you make an informed and strategically beneficial decision.

    Why Relying Solely on CPAs, E.A.s, or CTEC-Certified Preparers for Federal Tax Litigation or Appeals is Inadvisable

    You are permitted to represent yourself before the Tax Court, the legal term for which is “pro se.” However, representing yourself in any legal matter is never a wise idea, even if you are an attorney yourself. It is always best to engage an experienced tax attorney like those at the Tax Law Offices of David W. Klasing, all of whom are licensed to practice before the Tax Court, who can look at your situation from an outside perspective and use our years of representing clients before the Tax Court to make the best plan for success in your case.

    Although CPAs, E.A.s, and CTEC-certified preparers may have the expertise to prepare your tax return, they are not authorized to represent you in federal tax court. Attempting to do so constitutes the unauthorized practice of law, leading to severe penalties for the preparer and potential negative consequences (loss of non-asserted rights) for the taxpayer. Their need to protect their reputation and livelihood directly contradicts your need to successfully navigate tax litigation against the IRS.

    • Risks of Exposing Sensitive Information: Dialogues with tax preparers or accountants are not confidential. If called upon during a legal tax proceeding, they must divulge any incriminating information shared with them. Tax preparers often attempt to redirect any blame to their clients, especially when they are at risk of simultaneous investigation & prosecution for aiding and abetting tax crimes to protect their professional standing, licensing, reputation, livelihood, net worth, and their very liberty;
    • Lack of Legal Protection and Confidentiality: When navigating a federal Tax Litigation, only the attorney-client relationship affords you the necessary confidentiality and protection to thoroughly discuss the potentially incriminating nature of your case without having the professional you trust to become a witness against you. The attorney-client privilege and the attorney work-product rule ensure that your disclosures remain safeguarded;
    • Superior Legal Expertise: Engaging a dual-licensed Tax Litigation Attorney and CPA provides an added benefit. They can collaborate with consulting accountants under the auspices of the attorney-client privilege through a mechanism known as a Kovel letter. This ensures that your disclosures remain confidential, tapping into the expertise of accountants concurrently. While accountants are geared toward precision, attorneys prioritize advocacy, making their expertise invaluable as tax matters veer toward legal disputes. At the Tax Law Offices of David W. Klasing, we have an entire staff of Kovel accountants at our disposal.

    David’s proven proficiency is now available in Miami, Florida, at our appointment-only virtual office, providing both legal and tax services in one place—at a single hourly billing rate. We have just introduced a flexible scheduling option where our clients can reserve a four-hour slot at any of our satellite locations, and David W. Klasing will travel to any of our satellite offices to meet with you personally. We have designed this service to benefit our clients, with no additional travel expenses added to your billCall us at 800-681-1295 or complete our online contact form today.

    In addition to our fully staffed 19,700 square foot penthouse office in Irvine, the Tax Law Offices of David W. Klasing has unstaffed (conference room only) satellite offices in: Los AngelesSan BernardinoSanta BarbaraPanorama CityOxnardSan DiegoBakersfieldSan JoseSan FranciscoOaklandCarlsbad, SacramentoLas Vegas, NevadaSalt Lake City, UtahPhoenix, ArizonaAlbuquerque, New Mexico. We also have virtual offices in New York, New YorkAustin, Texas; and Washington, D.C.

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