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Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Some of the many comments our tax law firm clients had to say about us...

DISCLAIMER: None of the following testimonials are intended to constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter


Written by: Denis D. Reviewed: Direct Message Date published: 09/11/2023 

I am starting a new business and booked a one hour telephone consultation with David to discuss the tax consequences of different business structures. He was extremely knowledgeable and gave me great information. He also refunded me the unused portion of our hour. You get what you pay for in life, and I certainly got my money's worth with David.


Written by: Nabeel C. Reviewed: Yelp. Date published: 6/14/2023

I recently had an online session with David and I was very happy with his services. He was kind, helpful, and genuine throughout the entire process. David's knowledge and professionalism were evident, and he went above and beyond to provide me with additional advice beyond what was expected. Being a CPA and a lawyer also gave me confidence in his expertise. I highly recommend David to anyone in need of tax services!

5-starsWritten by: K. Cline. Reviewed: Google. Date published: 6/9/2023

Thank you, Dave Klasing and Team! We highly recommend this firm. Mr. Klasing was simply excellent along with Suzanne. Mr. Klasing met us late on a Monday night, and when we left we knew we had found a solid attorney and CPA. During the process and at conclusion, he was correct and handled everything for us. We not only recommend his services, but if the need presented itself we would not hesitate to use his firm again.

5-starsWritten by: Marko S. Reviewed: Yelp. Date published: 4/19/2023

Mr. Klasing was knowledgeable and innovative and gave us sound legal and tax advice. Highly recommend him!

5-starsWritten by: Jay S. Reviewed: Yelp. Date published: 4/4/2023

I needed an answer to a tax question. I had contacted several places and because I had one question, i was not able to secure a consultation. Then I found David's website. Scheduling was easy. David called on time and took the time to clearly explain the process to me. Easy and now I dont have to stress over not understanding a tax question. Highly recommended.

5-starsWritten by: Natalie K. Reviewed: Yelp. Date published: 4/3/2023

My spouse and I possess W-2 income and real estate assets. We contacted David to ascertain whether claiming material participation on our tax return was appropriate. Our experience was very positive, which contrasted with previous experiences with attorneys or tax advisors. I often felt as though they were trying to cross-sell me on their advice. However, this time was dissimilar, and we received a thorough explanation of the potential repercussions of our intended actions, which could result in the IRS questioning our decision. David also assisted us in comprehending the various ramifications of different choices and how they might impact our overall financial and tax situation. In conclusion, I highly recommend David if you require guidance or advice regarding real estate taxes.

5-starsWritten by: Nima M. Reviewed: Google. Date published: 3/16/2023

Really enjoyed consulting with Dave. I found him very knowledgeable (even on high tech platforms) and honest on where he could help and where not & provided nice general directions for me (which I truly appreciate). Definitely will work with him in the future if I have questions with his expertise.

5-starsWritten by: Dan L. Reviewed: Service. Date published: 12/15/2022
A few of my companies received an audit from the FTB. When I originally got the notice from the FTB I was freaking out. I Found David Klasing online and reached out for consultation. David's firm worked with the FTB for year and half. After a year and half the FTB came back with a NO CHANGE REPORT status! Amazing. Couldn't have asked for a better outcome. Hire this firm if you are having tax issues. They are life savers.

David was very helpful in answering my international income tax question. We add the complications of being a non-profit and so I was nervous about finding someone that could check all the boxes and make certain we got the correct answer to our inquiry. Thanks!

5-starsWritten by: Selena N. Reviewed: Service. Date published: 9/30/2022

David was recommended to help me with an issue. I set up a meeting and his advice was informative and helpful and put my mind at ease. Very worthwhile and I would highly recommend Mr Klasing to all who need advice.

5-starsWritten by: Elliot L. Reviewed: Yelp. Date published: 8/22/2022

I called to clarify a busines tax issue. In 10 minutes I got the clarity I was looking for and an understanding of how to move forward. Thank you.

5-starsWritten by: Dmitriy Yepishin Reviewed: DM Comment. Date published: 8/19/2022

OMG!!! We took advantage of the popular 10 min consultation & we definitely got our moneys worth & then some. Mr Klasing was extremely professional, knowledgable, easy to comprehend & not at all rushed. He answered every concern we had. Not only was his info helpful, but he was kind enough to refer us to someone else in a different specialty of taxes. So would I say this was a blessing; it certainly was & yes I will seek future counsel with him.

5-starsWritten by: Sondra J. Reviewed: Service. Date published: 3/25/2022

We engaged Mr. Klasing for a 1 hr consultation about a variety of tax and business-related matters. David is knowledgeable, direct, and practical in his advice. Well worth it.

5-starsWritten by: Peter M. Reviewed: Service. Date published: 2/14/2022

David Klasing was honest and up front. I like that fact that he is a CPA, a lawyer, and has a Masters Degree in Tax Law. He gave me additional advice beyond what I called him for which was very helpful. He let me know where he could and couldn't help me and said that he only took cases that he was confident that he could provide help. He communicates as both a professional and as a friend. I will be keeping him as a permanent contact.

5-starsWritten by: Stephen D. Reviewed: Service. Date published: 11/29/2021

Mr. Klasing was informative, efficient, and deeply knowledgeable about the varied topics I asked about during our quick phone call. He saved me thousands in legal fees within a 10 minute consultation - proving he has his clients' best interests in mind and won't recommend needless entities. Highly recommended. I look forward to using him for tax matters in the future.

5-starsWritten by: Bentley T. Reviewed: Service. Date published: 11/15/2021

Very knowledgeable and extremely helpful about a variety of issues about a recent relocation to the USA (sorting offshore, state level and national tax issues). Friendly, forthcoming and a good value.

5-starsWritten by: Colin D. Reviewed: Service Date published: 10/25/2021

Very direct and knowledgeable. Mr. Klasing was able to quickly address my questions about a complicated situation. Excellent value for the price.

5-starsWritten by: Drew S. Reviewed: Service Date published: 05/5/2021

Dave was great! I scheduled a meeting with him and he walked me through the process of writing to the IRS to eliminate penalties that they said I owed. I did what he told me to do, and the next letter I got from the IRS told me that they were REFUNDING me over $3,000. Needless to say I was shocked when I got the letter, and if it weren't for Dave, I would have WAY overpaid! Call him now!

5-starsWritten by: Lupe F. Reviewed: Service Date published: 04/26/2021

It was a great experience. David is very knowledgeable and gave me the opportunity to explain my situation, explore options and then, he made sound recommendations. David is a great resource to tap into with any tax questions. I was impressed with his broad knowledge and expertise. Worth every penny that I spent.

5-starsWritten by: Robert G. Reviewed: Service Date published: 10/14/2020

I'm sorry five stars is as good as it gets because my interaction, my first btw, with Mr. Klasing leaves me wishing I could rate him even higher. First, he completely answered all of my questions thoroughly, understandably and with an obvious depth of knowledge you would hope for, maybe even expect, from someone with his credentials and experience. But what really impressed me, more like what really blew my mind, was how compassionate and caring and understanding he was regarding a tough financial situation my wife and I found ourselves in. His council went far beyond the "taxes" situation. He provided the moral support, and a viable vision of better days to us. He listened, and he delivered...both the information I needed and also the support I needed. You can't go wrong with a combination like that, I hope this review encourages you to check him out for yourself.

5-starsWritten by: Avinash G. Reviewed: Service Date published: 10/12/2020

I had some questions related to Law and CPA and David answered it very well. They have a great feature by which we can talk for 10 minutes and have our doubts cleared. I would highly recommend David and his team.

5-starsWritten by: P.v. D. Reviewed: Service Date published: 9/16/2020

Mr. Klasing was personable and very knowledgable. He answered the questions I had and gave me options. I was getting different answers from my financial accountant and a previous attorney that were confusing. Mr. Klasing cleared my confusion. I recommend him.

5-starsWritten by: Ollie D. Reviewed: Service Date published: 5/19/2020

I had a tax issue that another law firm said would cost a lot in legal fees. But David told me how I could resolve it for free, without paying legal fees. He promptly refunded the cost of the initial consultation. Needless to say this kind of integrity is rare in the legal world so I highly recommend him.

5-starsWritten by: Daniel T. Reviewed: Service Date published: 5/19/2020

Took the 10 minute call and got way more than I paid for! David has immediate answers on what I felt were very obscure questions relating to visas, stock options, taxes on equity payouts and more. This just shows how well they know their business. We're now moving forward with a more formal ongoing relationship for all my international tax needs. Thank you!

5-starsWritten by: San C. Reviewed: Service Date published: 5/7/2020

I have a unique tax situation relating to a real estate sale involving a nonresident alien owner. I couldn't find any lawyer or CPA to even point me in the right direction on how best to do things legally and pay little tax as possible. Dave himself has never encountered such a case (he's honest), but he did the digging and found some very useful information for me. Dave was very professional and easy to communicate with. I am pleased with the advice and service I received.

5-starsWritten by: Jeff C. Reviewed: Service Date published: 3/11/2020

I needed advice for how to best treat international income, and not only did David squarely and reassuringly address that area of inquiry, but he also guided me through pension consideration and real estate investment considerations that came to mind during the conversation. He was very generous with his time and I would absolutely recommend him for a consultation. No sales talk, just straight advice.

5-starsWritten by: Leo W. Reviewed: Service Date published: 3/11/2020

David is extremely knowledgeable and was very helpful in dealing with a complex international tax problem I have as a result of inheriting and then selling property overseas. He also caught an oversight on my part that might cost me thousands if not corrected with a IRS filing.

5-starsWritten by: Sergey T. Reviewed: Service Date published: 2/20/2020

Mr. Klasing is everything I could want in a lawyer- professional, knowledgeable, and easy to talk with. When I arrived for our meeting, he and his office staff made me feel welcome. He was able to resolve my issue in well under the hour I had paid for, and then he gave me a partial refund for the unused time. Everyone hopes they'll never be in a situation where they need a lawyer. But if you do, he is definitely the guy to call!

5-starsWritten by: Dan G. Reviewed: Service Date published: 2/7/2020

I was very pleased with Mr. Klasing's service. He called on time as agreed, and provided me more than I bargained for. He was professional and attentive during the call. Additionally, he exceeded the time allowed in the sake of providing a full yet, simple explanation pertaining to my situation. I highly recommend him to any one seeking a Tax advice.

5-starsWritten by: Matthew M. Reviewed: Service Date published: 2/7/2020

In scheduling my appointment with David, I described the details of my situation. When he called (right on time), it was apparent that he read through the details and was immediately prepared to provide guidance. He clearly respects his client's time as much as his own. Although I'm dealing with a small claim, he seemed to care all the same and quickly gave me a path forward. Great advice, nice guy, thanks David!

5-starsWritten by: Paul F. Reviewed: Service Date published: 10/3/2019

I contacted David Klasing for a consultation on a very important matter about my tax office. He answered all questions I asked. He is very knowledgeable, precise, and honest. I highly recommend his tax office law to anyone. His legal advice will leave on you a great relief in your soul and a great amount of information to proceed with any problems you may have.

5-starsWritten by: Joe S. Reviewed: Service Date published: 09/27/2019

I called for a 1 hour consultation and was very happy to receive answers I can trust to complicated questions regarding expat taxation. They also help me weed through the mountain of misinformation and confusion I found on the internet so their help was greatly appreciated. Thanks, guys!

5-starsWritten by: Claudia B. Reviewed: Service Date published: 09/13/2019

I had a complicated tax question involving my divorce and capital gains taxes with the sale of my home in California this year. I did not believe the answer my personal CPA in Ohio gave me, so I called David Klasing to get a second opinion. David's policy is to refund the balance of the first unused hour in a phone consultation​. He was able to answer my question in just a couple of minutes and I was refunded the balance of the hour. I now have the peace of mind with a second opinion and can move forward on my own with my personal CPA in Ohio. I would use his services again and recommend him to family and friends in California.

5-starsWritten by: John B. Reviewed: Service Date published: 09/05/2019

I got a field audit request a few years back. I keep clean books, but I got the letter and was terrified. Calling David in was absolutely the best decision I could have made. He wasn't the cheapest, but he was absolutely the best. He made the IRS accept a "no change" audit outcome, and the IRS went home with its tail between its legs. David W. Klasing and his team saved my ass. You bet I will be going with his tax work in the future.

5-starsWritten by: grandchiropractic Reviewed: Service Date published: 07/21/2019

Took a chance at a 10 minute consult and was extremely impressed. Atty Klasing, is an honest attorney who gave me great legal advice. Highly recommend for any Tax law question. Mine was about classification of employees and he set me straight. Also, spoke to his assistant James who gave me further info at no extra charge. Nice to see such hard working good-ole boys doing such a great service for the community.

5-starsWritten by: Lindsey F. Reviewed: Service Date published: 07/21/2019

In 10 minutes he was able to help me navigate a complicated married filing jointly tax issue that has stumped many others and gave me some guidance on how best to approach the convoluted situation! Thank you David!

5-starsWritten by: Fred S. Reviewed: Service Date published: 07/11/2019

Very knowledgeable regarding tax matter I needed much advice on. Presented multiple options on a quick turn around. To the point and clear answers. Highly recommend!!!

5-starsWritten by: Laura M. Reviewed: Service Date published: 03/27/2019

I was very fortunate to come across David Klasing when looking for an attorney who specializes in tax law. Not only was he knowledgeable, he was also very patient when answering the dozens of questions I asked him. Additionally, David pointed me to other experts who could help me address my needs beyond taxes and estate planning. It is clear that he is brilliant in addition to being ethical, and I look forward to working with him for years to come!

5-starsWritten by: Cari Ito Reviewed: Service Date published: 02/28/2019

Davis was very easy to schedule with at the last minute and equally easy to talk to. He was incredibly knowledgeable in the issues surrounding expatriation and re-locating from the United States to abroad. He explained the key issues in an easily understandable way and I was very grateful to be able to get the answers I needed quickly.

5-starsWritten by: Tim K. Reviewed: Service Date published: 02/28/2019

I recently received a letter from California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (CDTFA). I bought a bike from a retailer that did not charge sales tax. The Department of Agriculture reported the shipment to the CDTFA. I had no idea that as a resident of California that I had to pay use tax. I came across David's website in an internet search. I talked with him the next day. He explained to me that he could work with the auditors to get a fair settlement for payment of the use tax that I owed. His team was able to settle for three years of use tax with no penalties or interest. His team gave me confidence which helped ease the anxiety I got when I received the letter from the CDTFA. His fees are very reasonable and more importantly David and and his team are very helpful and work quickly to get the job done. Thanks to David, Ann, Daphne and Veronica. You are all very kind, thoughtful, and helpful!

5-starsWritten by: Anonymous Reviewed: Service Date published: 03/29/2018

David Klasing Tax Attorney CPA and his staff of CPA’s assisted my wife and I with a difficult and stressful situation. I’m retired on a fixed income and have taken up electronics and photography as a hobby. I became in the habit of purchasing electronic and photographic equipment online as that is where I could locate the best deals. I had absolutely no idea of what the concept of California Use tax was or that it even applied to the purchases I was making. I received what amounted to a California Use Tax Audit inquiry letter and promptly engaged Dave to help us with that issue. His expert assistance got my wife and I sleeping again at night. We were so worried that the State of California would go back to the dawn of time on this issue as Dave explained that they have a 20 year collection statute. By working with the CDTFA Dave was able to limit our exposure to only 3 years. His staff calculated our Use Tax and walked us through the electronic payment process with the CDTFA and then walked the agent through the steps we took to get back in compliance. He was able to secure an all clear on the issue and we have been able to sleep well ever since.

During our conference calls with the CTDF agent we realized how valuable Dave's representation was and knew that he would be able to fix our problem. We highly recommend Dave and his staff. We were impressed by their high level of expertise, integrity and diligence.

5-starsWritten by: Eideh T., Los Angeles Reviewed: 3/21/2018

Mr. Klasing is very knowledgeable about tax issues and the law relating thereto. He is thorough and clearly communicates this very complicated area of the law and advises you about your options, risks and liabilities so that you can make an informed decision. I'm very happy with the consultation I received.

5-starsWritten by: Joan P, San Francisco Reviewed: 3/20/2018

The staff at the law offices of David Klasing provided the utmost professional, responsive, and knowledgeable service I could have ever hoped for as abusinessowner. During our initial consultation I found Mr. Klasing informative, respectful, encouraging, and empathetic to the challenges of newbusinessowners. Thank you to the team for working so hard on behalf of their clients!

5-starsWritten by: Rob R. Reviewed: 12/5/2017

I spoke to David regarding some complicated tax issues - he quickly grasped the situation and provided some valuable advice to me including referring me to another counsel who specialized in immigration issues. I would recommend his services highly.

5-starsWritten by: Jackie Reviewed: 9/14/2017

Smartest guy you could ever meet. Ready to help and nothing is too big or small. If you want someone who knows the law, just give him a call. He can set you up with a consultation and change your world.

5-starsWritten by: Jonathan Reviewed: 8/1/2017

Enjoyed talking with David about a variety of tax questions for my business. He was very knowledgeable, honest, helpful, and generous with his time in talking through these concepts with us.

5-starsWritten by: Annette Reviewed: 5/3/2017

Today I met with David for a consultation, his professional knowledge and expertise were truly impressive. He gave me all the time I needed to communicate my situation and his advice was not just ethical to the highest standard,but this man truly cares for his clients. I could not of walked out of his office more impressed, I would recommend his services to anyone.

5-starsWritten by: Don Reviewed: 1/3/2017

I have required David's services on two occasions. Both times, David has really come through for me. David returns calls in a timely manner and always made himself available to talk to. I highly recommend his services.

5-starsWritten by: Geoffrey Reviewed: 10/10/2016

Yes I too have use the service of David KLasing and associates and I am proud to say they have got me out of a challenging situation with the IRS for which I Will ever be so grateful. I would recommend this service to anyone.

5-starsWritten by: Dean Reviewed: 2/26/2016

My 2015 Tax Returns have already been prepared and filed again this year by the professional and easy to work with team at the Tax Law Offices of David W. Klasing in Irvine. My tip-o-the-hat (I'm old. Today's "Standing O") for making our LA and OC communities a better place to live. Thank you again.

5-starsWritten by: Melissa Reviewed: 3/1/2016

David gave me honest feedback, and helpful resources regarding an appeal of an EDD audit. He understood the level of challenge related to my case, as well it's importance to me, and responded in a professional caring manner.

5-starsWritten by: Jack Reviewed: 6/26/2015

The best tax attorney in town, bar none. Knowledgeable, compassionate, and a consummate professional. He's been great with us and we are greatful we've met him.

5-starsWritten by: Keith Reviewed: 9/21/2015

I live in San Diego and called David W. Klasing. After one free consultation with David and his Lawyer on staff Margarita all of my questions and issues were handled. They took at lot of time to help me all free of charge. If I needed to hire a firm this would be the only firm I would ever hire.

5-starsWritten by: Brandon Reviewed: 06/06/2017

From his first 10 minute introduction consultation he was very helpful in giving me direction regarding cryptocurrency trades and purchases. He was also very knowledgeable and honest from the get go and I appreciated it greatly. I would give 6 stars if possible!

5-starsWritten by: Anonymous Reviewed: Service Date published: 05/16/2017

David provided essential guidance regarding my choices about a most serious tax matter. He was kind and informative. I am clear now about the options available to me. I plan to assemble the relevant data for a meeting with him.

5-starsWritten by: Jim Reviewed: Service Date published: 04/07/2017

I have been taking my tax problems to David Klasing’s Law Firm for nearly a decade. Every time I walk in his door, I am greeted with a smile and every time I leave, I’m wearing the smile. Every year, no matter how complex, no matter how convoluted my tax situation, we sit down and go over my records, formulate a strategy and complete the required tax returns.
No conversation has ended without every single question, every single concern of mine addressed and answered. For myself, the successful completion and filing of the requisite tax returns will always ease my annual anxiety, but the real peace of mind comes from knowing that not once has the IRS or the California FTB questioned the accuracy of my returns.
Needless to say, I wholeheartedly recommend the Tax Law Offices of David Klasing for all of your tax filing needs. Not everyone requires a tax attorney and a CPA, but for those of us who do, having access to both areas of expertise in the same office is a godsend. You will also appreciate the expert support staff that he has assembled in his office as well.

5-starsWritten by: Thomas Reviewed: Service Date published: 02/13/2017

I came to the firm when the I.R.S. attempted to attach two very old tax years that added over $10,000 to my overall debt obligation. I knew that the years the I.R.S. attempted to charge me expired per statute, yet the I.R.S. said I was wrong. If I did not have Klasing’s expert channels and personnel to fight for my rights (because I wasn’t getting anywhere on my own except long telephone waits) my payment plan I have in place now would not be as manageable and not so ironically, it turned out both Klasing’s firm and myself were very right and the I.R.S was dead wrong! The I.R.S. ultimately capitulated and admitted their mistakes due to the steadfast representation of Margarita Stone. Thank you for your wise counsel.

5-starsWritten by: Grateful OC Business Man Reviewed: Service Date published: 08/10/2016

Call Tax Attorney David Klasing NOW!!!

Simply put, David and his experienced staff handled all of my IRS Audit / Tax issues with the best possible results. From the initial consultation with David I could tell I was in good hands. David and his Staff handled everything directly with the IRS allowing me to sleep better at night and focus on my Family and Business. My family and I could not be more appreciative of the care, kindness, professionalism and most importantly RESULTS we received! Call David now, you will not regret it.

5-starsWritten by: Grateful OC Business Man Reviewed: Service Date published: 08/10/2016

“I highly recommend David Klasing, Esq. to handle any problems you might have with the IRS and FTB. The IRS audited my income tax returns for two years. David handled the audit competently and professionally from beginning to end, and I did not have to deal with IRS directly. David made sure that the audits were handled timely and professionally resulting only in adjustments. I believe that the IRS did not pursue the matter further because of David’s strong and zealous representation. David gave my wife and me peace of mind again. Thank you David.”

5-starsWritten by: Mr. “The IRS is finally out of my life!” Reviewed: Service Date published: 06/14/2016

Please know how much I truly appreciate all that you have done for me. Your most kind and professional service allowed me to get thru a most trying time in my life. From the time of my first letter from the IRS (I believe back in late 2014), this ordeal has been my own private nightmare. I can't even put into words just much how nice it will be to know that this is just about over and done with.
Indeed, your professional service helped me save me almost $20,000 but I think even more importantly was saving me from the personal stress I was starting to endure. I really felt as it was starting to get the better me so finding closure to this all is most assuredly a blessing.
I hope someday I can return the favor for all that you've done for me. I am quite sure I cannot ever equal what you have done for me but nonetheless, it would be nice to give it the old college try.... If there is ever anything you should need from me, please don't hesitate to contact me.
Anyway, Thanks for all and a sincere shout out to you and the Staff at David W Klasing...
To Ms Margarita Stone and staff.... Bar None... Your customer service is simply utstanding

5-starsWritten by: "International Businessman" Reviewed: Service Date published: 05/31/2016

The IRS had mistakenly levied me with a $1.4 million dollar assessment after a retrospective audit. They were very aggressive and threatening, and I knew that I needed a strong legal counsel that could amend the situation and negotiate firmly with the IRS. After working with Dave, I am pleased that my assessment has been reduced by over 1 million dollars to approximately $280,000. David and his staff worked diligently to fight for the justice that I deserved. I would highly recommend his services and am pleased with his meticulous attention to detail and comprehensive and vast knowledge of tax law.

5-starsWritten by: Melissa Reviewed: Service Date published: 03/01/2016

David gave me honest feedback, and helpful direction regarding an appeal of an EDD audit. He understood the level of challenge related to my case, as well it's importance to me, and responded in a professional caring manner.

5-starsWritten by: TH Reviewed: Service Date published: 02/22/2016

I spoke with Mr. Klasing who provided me with excellent tax advise, I'm just sorry I didn't call on him sooner. He was very helpful and genuinely honest in his consultation with me. If ever I need an attorney again he'll be the first on my list. He spoke with me on a professional level without using technical law terms. He's now in my phone contacts, so I'll have him on hand for any legal advise that I need. Thank you again David!

5-starsWritten by: CR Reviewed: Service Date published: 01/29/2016

When we received the examination letter from the IRS it was first denial quickly overcome by anxiety and trepidation. It was clear for us that getting expert help in navigating through unknown territory would be in our best interest. After spending hours online searching for the best legal representation and seeking personal advice from others we selected the Law Offices of David W. Klasing. After interviewing 3 other top law firms it was clear to us their unassuming and approachableness was a perfect fit. From our first meeting to the end of the process David and his team have been first class. Having piece of mind throughout the examination process is worth its weight in gold. I would not recommend going through an examination process alone there are too many variables. Have the experts assist you.
Dave and his team has always been available for us and interceded for us every step of the way. Communication has been great and there were no surprises along the way. If I had to go through an examination again (which we hope will never happen) in a heartbeat we would retain the services from David W. Klasing.

I would like to thank you for your expert consultation on our international estate tax questions. After dealing with a few lawyers who were more interested in their own agenda and personal gain than what is best for the client, it was refreshing to deal with someone who was genuinely interested in giving us the facts and answering our questions. The fact that you quoted specific tax laws and forms helped guide us in the right direction finally! Until this point, the only guidance we could get from other lawyers was vague and "well, it depends" answers that weren't helping us move forward.
It is clear that you know your area of expertise which is critical, but your honesty was what we most appreciated. I would recommend you to anyone who needs a tax lawyer.
Thank you again for your candid and honest assessment of our case. I never thought I would find an honest lawyer who put the client's needs first!

5-starsWritten by: MBhotmail Reviewed: Service Date published: 09/16/2015

"Before retaining Dave and his team, I was finding it hard to sleep at night due to the burden of personally dealing with an IRS audit and a business partner who had no intentions of complying with the government during the audit. There were some indications that the Government was investigating the actions of my business partner and I worried about any exposure that could create for me. After meeting Dave, he was able take all of my concerns into his hands and the burden was substantially minimized knowing someone with Dave’s rare qualifications and deep expertise was on my side. My business partner and I kept very poor and unorganized records.
The auditor had been unduly delayed by my business partner to the point that he was originally unwilling to give Dave Klasing the minimal amount of time he needed to prepare for the audit upon my first hiring him and consequently the auditor disallowed most of our business expenses and proposed an over $300,000 adjustment to the income of our entity return. The auditor also determined that close to $100,000 of unreported income existed on my personal return through a bank deposit analysis of my personal accounts! In response, Dave filed a tax court petition and through the appeals process earned an audit reconsideration which forced the auditor to take a fresh look at the situation under the looming threat of a lawsuit.
In the meantime Dave and his team were able to take what I provided to them, adjust our accounting to make it accurate and contain a sufficient audit trail to satisfy the auditor. His firm presented the revised accounting to the auditor the second time around through audit reconsideration to achieve a much better result where he was ultimately able to save me over $120,000 of personal income tax liability over the income tax deficiency that was arrived at during the original audit. In addition, there is no price I can put on eliminating any criminal exposure that the IRS may have originally been contemplating because of the actions of my business partner and the unreported income found in my bank accounts during the audit.
Dave was able to preserve my reputation with the taxing authorities and keep a potentially criminal fact pattern civil. I wholeheartedly recommend the Tax Law Offices of David W. Klasing for any civil or criminal tax controversy you may be facing. He and his team handled my case with the utmost of professionalism and kept me up to date throughout the entire process.”

5-starsWritten by: OC Businessman Published: 03/25/2014

I recommend Attorney Klasing and his staff without hesitation

In October 2012, after reading about the 2012 Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program in a travel magazine, I rushed to Attorney Klasing's office in what can only be described as a blind panic, wondering if I was out of compliance, and fearing the worst -- draconian fines and/or jail time. During my initial appointment, Attorney Klasing calmed me down by clarifying the 2012 Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program, explaining what my options were, and letting me know how much the total fee would likely be if he took on my case. I can only describe myself as being totally distraught, depressed, anxious, and completely overwhelmed. However, throughout it all, Attorney Klasing and his office staff provided me with supportive reassurance. My case was handled with the utmost professionalism. Office staff were efficient, patient, and compassionate, and provided a superb level of professional expertise. Phone calls and e-mails were always responded to in a timely manner. I was never left to wonder how my case was progressing or if it was being handled properly. Happily, in February 2014, my OVDI case was closed much to my satisfaction. I consider myself lucky to have found Attorney Klasing and his staff who made a stressful and frightening experience manageable with their kindness and competence. I can therefore recommend Attorney Klasing and his staff without hesitation, and although I choose to remain anonymous for professional reasons, I will be happy to talk to anyone regarding my experiences. He has my permission to release my phone number to you upon request.
5-starsWritten by: JH Item Reviewed: Service Date published: 02/19/2014

Ultimately resulted in a wonderful outcome of ZERO adjustments

When I received the audit notice I initially planned to represent my small business. I know every aspect of our operations and had full documentation and justification for all financial decisions. However, when the auditor provided an Information Doc Request that covered 100% of operations and requested to conduct the audit in my home, I retained David Klasing’s firm to represent me. The team was professional and maintained realistic expectations throughout the entire engagement. In my first meeting with the team it became readily apparent that as a proud owner-operator of a successful small business I was too emotionally invested to objectively consider an auditor’s perspective without getting overly defensive or my blood pressure shooting through the roof. Just being audited felt like a major attack on my integrity, entrepreneurship and pursuit of the American dream. Shifting the work to Klasing’s office took the audit out of my home, emotion out of the discussion, made the audit about money (not about me as a person), enabled me to sleep better at night, and ultimately resulted in a wonderful outcome of ZERO adjustments. Thanks David, Corey, and team.
Written by: RK Reviewed: ServiceDate published: 5/29/2014

David Klasing saved my life

David Klasing saved my life, I was going thru hell & not sleeping the nights. His crew was very professional & took me thru it all. It took about 6 month but conclusion was great & I am back living my normal life. Thanks to David & crew.
Written by: Inland Empire Small Business Item Reviewed: service Date published: 01/21/2004

I am stunned at the high level of service

Hello all, It has been several months since I have posted anything to this group, but I feel that the job that our very own David W. Klasing Esq. M.S.-Tax CPA did for a client of mine was so extraordinary that I had to sing his praises to this group and encourage anyone with a difficult situation to consider giving David a call. No specifics, but the issue was unreported income from a retail business. The IRS was relying on their flawed system of using "industry standards" for cash vs credit card deposits in an attempt to find unreported income. The threat was real, the potential cost well into six figures, and certain issues complex and difficult. David took control of the situation and worked directly with the client immediately after I made the original contact and put them together. He addressed the issues and dug in and found what was a remarkable defense. And then he papered it and provided a mountain of support and presented it to the Service. In the end, a no change report was issued. The clients are ecstatic. The Service closed the case without collecting a single penny more than the originally filed reasonable return provided for. I am stunned at the high level of service provided by David and his office. So, who you gonna call? David Klasing!
Written by: CPA Item Reviewed: service Date published: 01/21/2004

Absolutely the right choice

I run a small software firm, and our company’s always been small enough that I’ve always done the company taxes myself. Each year, the company gets a little bigger, I have less and less time, and the taxes get more complicated. When I received the letter from the IRS, I had the predictable range of emotions: Why was I chosen for an audit? I didn’t do anything wrong. I’m too busy for this. How much is this going to set me back? Did I make any mistakes on my taxes? What should I do? I interviewed a bunch of tax attorneys and I found David. David’s chatty, personable and easy to talk to. He’s also had a ton of practical experience on audits and in bookkeeping: he knows how the IRS thinks. We followed all his instructions, got all our books and paperwork together, and Ann Klasing, Dave’s wife, went over our expenses and returns with a fine-toothed comb. Then he prepped me for the face-to-face discussion with the IRS, telling me what they were looking for and what they didn’t care about. I was nervous as heck, but I followed his instructions, and the face-to-face interview with the IRS went off without a hitch. A few months later, I got the letter in the mail from the IRS: they had accepted my tax return with NO CHANGE. David convinced the IRS that my taxes were already perfect. I had never even heard of such a thing happening in an audit. In short, if you’re an honest and busy small company and you need help fielding the IRS, David is your man. He gets accounting, he gets the IRS and he knows how to minimize the distraction that an audit can cause to your business. Occasionally I make very good decisions as a manager and business owner. With 20-20 hindsight, David was absolutely the right choice for helping us deal with this audit. I highly recommend his services. Hire him, listen to him and do what he says.
Written by: OC Software Business Item Reviewed: service Date published: 01/21/2004

I recommend him without hesitation

I found myself on the wrong end of an IRS audit. I received the letter and knew right away I needed an expert to help me. I asked a friend of mine who is an attorney and he recommended David Klasing. When I first met with David I liked him right away. Down to earth, straight talking and easy to understand. He spelled out the process and he went to work right away.David and his staff was most helpful in preparing my case for the audit. He met with the auditor and was able to get a very favorable resolution. Without David and his staff I have no idea what would have happened, suffice to say I am very pleased with his expertise and professionalism. Oh, and he was able to complete the work under budget. When was the last time you heard of that? I recommend him without hesitation.
Written by: Insurance Guy Item Reviewed: service Date published: 01/21/2004

I was duly impressed

On my behalf, Mr. Klasing was able to transform that which was an impossible situation to one that has a finite and manageable outcome. He performed this miraculous task by taking time to understand my particular circumstance, exhaustive research and constructing an endgame strategy through a maze of IRS rules, regulations and bureaucratic nightmare. I’ve come to realize that such an endeavor could not have been possible without the years of experience and thorough knowledge in various tax laws that Mr. Klasing brought forth in my representation. While no one enjoys having to find representation facing tax issues, it would have been considerably worse if the representation chosen were to address your legal issues as if one of hundreds in his portfolio. I was duly impressed by Mr. Klasing’s promptness in returning phone calls, emails and his patience in dealing with my chaotic emotions rising from the crisis from which I felt had no exit. If not for Mr. Klasing?s reassurance and steadfast conviction that his predicted outcome would come to fruition, it is likely that I would have dug myself into a deeper hole. Mr. Klasing is an outstanding attorney on top of his game who innately understands the choices and routes one should follow through the labyrinth of IRS procedures and practices. I am very fortunate to have found such a representation and I urge others who are in need to seek Mr. Klasing?s representation.
Written by: q2718281828459 Item Reviewed: service Date published: 01/21/2004

David and Ann Klasing - a class act and two of the nicest people you will ever meet.

Having to go through an IRS audit for the first time is a nerve-wracking, gut-wrenching and anxiety-filled experience I would not wish on anyone. Our friends’ advice was to get representation and was directed to a CPA who made matters worse by reinforcing the negative effects of an IRS audit. Instead of being put at ease, we were bullied and misinformed. David Klasing was highly recommended by a lawyer friend and since he was both a CPA and a Tax Lawyer and was locally based in Irvine, I set up an introductory meeting at his office. The moment we met , I felt so much at ease and the conversation was very reassuring and motivating. David gave me some pointers on how to develop and present our facts and data to the IRS agent. Being an accountant, he guided me on the proper techniques of getting support and documentation and summarizing all the data into an easily understandable worksheet. I worked very closely with Ann Klasing on compiling and organizing all the data and support and she was also a great guide and instructor. It was a great pleasure working with her. The audit was concluded with no exceptions or additional taxes levied. The IRS agent was in agreement with the facts of our tax return and determined that no changes were needed. I could not thank David and Ann more - they really made our year. If you are looking for peace of mind and excellent representation on an IRS audit, look to David and Ann Klasing - what a class act.
Written by: Anonymous Item Reviewed: service Date published: 01/21/2004

Call Dave immediately!

My wife and I are small business owners and work tirelessly at our business. We received a letter from a sender you never want to hear from. The IRS! We were shocked to find out that we were selected for an "in-office" Audit. "What does that mean" we said to each other! We had no idea what to expect. To say the least, we were very nervous about having to deal with the IRS (They use very scary language and short time frames). We googled tax law attorneys and found many options including the Tax Law Offices of David W. Klasing. After talking with several other attorneys, we scheduled an initial consultation with Dave. We retained him immediately. Finding Dave & Ann (Dave’s wife) was such a blessing. We felt confident that having a CPA as well as an experienced Tax Attorney represent us was the best of both worlds. Dave & Ann are a GREAT husband and wife team and are incredibly caring and willing to help. Our situation could have gotten really ugly without proper professional help. Whatever you do, don’t try to handle the situation and take on the IRS by yourself. You need the professional guidance of an experienced Tax Attorney that knows the tax code better than most auditors. Dave and Ann went to work cleaning up our accounting and bookkeeping issues; including creating amended returns to submit at the audit. Dave & Ann placed themselves between us and the IRS for the entire process; We never had to deal directly with the auditor. That fact alone was such a relief. Dave and Ann’s ability to calm & reassure in addition to their ability to untangle years of mistakes helped us tremendously in getting through a very difficult and complicated process. Both Dave and Ann are very accessible and always available when we had a question or just a worry. The quality of service and level of professionalism we received from Dave, Ann, & their team of tax gurus was outstanding. We recommend The Tax Law Office of David W. Klasing without hesitation. If you have the IRS on your back or need tax help, do yourself a favor, call Dave immediately! You’ll be glad you did. Having this team of professionals on your side will definitely give you peace of mind.
Written by: Happy Client Item Reviewed: service Date published: 01/21/2004
Mr David Klasing was transparent and honest from the beginning as to the work and costs involved with resolving my issue; there were no “surprises” and his firm provided the expected service within the timeline and budgetary parameters that had been agreed upfront. David keeps the client informed, proposes various avenues for progress, and fully delivers the legal/tax knowledge and experience needed for final successful resolution. Unlike bigger law firms, David Klasing offers the advantage of direct accessibility if needed. Finally, as a small family owned business where Mrs Klasing is also employed, the firm offers the kind of no-nonsense, easy to do business attitude that is lacking in larger organizations. The IRS matter Mr Klasing helped me with for has now been finalized ; I am a satisfied client, and I recommend Mr Klasing’s firm to anyone needing help and assistance with tax and estate related matters.
Satisfied Client - Jul 9, 2012
The company for which I am the controller had a Payroll Tax issue with the IRS dating back to 2005 the year in which a merger had occurred. We contacted the IRS on this matter and for well over a year were told someone would look at the issue but at the time the IRS was too busy to deal with the file. Suddenly in Aug. 2011 we received an assessment and they were proposing to put a lien on our property. We secured the services of David W. Klasing to correct the problem. To complicate matters, we had used a different payroll company back in 2005 and in addition the company’s payroll staff had chnaged so we had no continuity . David was able to put all the pieces together and was able to reallocate the payroll payments between the two companies and prove to the IRS that there was no liability. On June 28/2012 we finally received the notice of assessment showing no liability. We found David to be very professional and thorough in his investigation that led to this positive conclusion. I would certainly recommend David Klasing for any US tax matter and if the need ever arises again, we would certainly seek David’s assistance.
My husband and I are real estate agents and were under audit for 2006 & 2007 in an "egg shell audit" against our preparer. When we first met with our preparer he presented us brochures touting that he could reduce any client’s tax liability by at least 40%, had lines out the door and came highly recommended. The previous return preparer advised us that his strategy was completely legal. He created 1 California S Corp and 4 Nevada C Corps. He had us use a different fiscal year end for each C Corp, staggered with year ends of 3/15, 6/15, 9/15 & 12/31. The prior preparer also advised us to stagger income out from the CA S Corp to the NV C Corps as management fees and to place our yacht into one of the NV C Corps and illegally deduct it as business expenses. A prior E.A. advised us to stonewall the IRS. This resulted in the IRS taxing all income in the audited CA S Corp while disallowing all expenses which had the IRS attempting to assess $250K. They started to expand the audit to the NV Corps, which would have greatly expanded our own criminal tax exposure for acting on the horrible advice we were given. We hired David just as the assessment was about to be finalized and thus legally collectible. David informed us that the strategy illegally reduced our taxes by ignoring the controlled group election rules for the corps. It illegally ignored CA income taxes of the 4 NV C Corps and the management fees were sham transactions. David filed an appeal and the through the appeals process negotiated audit reconsideration for us. He negotiated our own criminal tax exposure away through total and absolute cooperation with the IRS and by amending all subsequent years’ returns that had followed the same "scheme". The IRS used the information gained during our new audit to build a criminal case against our preparer who is currently being charged with aiding and abetting income tax evasion. We are very grateful to David. We highly recommend David Klasing and believe he is a superb Tax Attorney.
Grateful Clients - 2011
I own a multi-million dollar business and I came to Dave with an accounting nightmare; poor records, disorganized books and tax liabilities into the 100’s of thousands of dollars going back several years. My situation could have gotten very ugly without proper professional help. Dave and his team went to work untangling my books and cleaning up my accounting, including the production and filing of amended returns. Dave placed himself between me and the IRS for the entire process; I never had to directly deal with the IRS or any other agency. As can be imagined, this was a nerve racking experience and Dave’s confident, reassuring nature helped me tremendously in getting through it. I’m very satisfied with the quality of service I received from Dave and his team and I recommend them without reservation.
We are impressed by the dedicated manner with which Mr. Klasing handled our case and his negotiation of a successful resolution.
Maria5 - 2012
I highly recommend David for his services. I still do not know how he managed to handle the “mess” I presented him with, but he did it very successfully. I was being audited by the IRS, for the first time, and the stress level was high. I had never dealt with that before and I am definitely not an accounting guy. The original tax estimate that I had to pay was roughly 70K with no penalties. In this economy and with a non-working wife and a baby I was freaking out. David and Anne spend a lot of time gathering all the documents and properly reviewing for the audit. It did take us 2 month to collect everything but we were able to present a good case. I was actually interviewed by the IRS myself with David present. It took exactly 3 months from start to finish to get the final verdict which was outstanding. David managed to get me a refund one of the years and pay only 10K for the other year in question. Overall my net liability was 3K, signed and sealed. My wife and I could not be happier and that’s why we are staying with David from now on as out accountant and tax specialist. Thank you Dave and Anne!
GPolizos - 2012
I would recommend David for the fact that he makes himself available to you quickly when you have questions and/or concerns, which is reassuring when you are dealing with tax law issues. He also has the type of personality that puts people at ease and can relax situations that could otherwise be tense. His bookkeeper Ann is thorough and detail-oriented, which is great to ensure that things do not slip through the cracks. Overall, they are a good, honest team that gets the job done!
O.C. Businessman - 2011
I strongly recommend David W. Klasing for your representative on your legal matters. He resolved my problem with the previous Tax return. When I met him, I knew he was very knowledgeable/experienced and confident.
SUNGLEE - 2011
One of the biggest questions when faced with a dreaded correspondence audit is whether to just handle it yourself and hope for the best. Don’t gamble! Hire David and Lee, true tax professionals with years of experience and a calming approach to such a dreaded undertaking. By investing in their representation, following their instruction and trusting their expertise I was guided smoothly through the process and received a favorable determination in just a few months. The tax code is extremely complicated and changing constantly. Even as a licensed attorney myself, I did not feel confident in navigating these waters on my own. They bring extensive tax knowledge that can only be earned through successful representation over many years. My questions were addressed thoroughly and timely. I was never left to wonder as to the status of my file. I knew during my initial meeting with David that I was in good hands. His sense of humor and caring were a welcome response to the stressful surprise of an audit notice. Lee’s attention and patience with my many questions were heroic. Don’t gamble. Make the investment. See the results.
Correspondence Audit - 2011
I strongly recommend David W. Klasing for your representative on your legal matters. He resolved my problem with the previous Tax return. When I met him, I knew he was very knowledgeable/experienced and confident.
C is for Cat - 2011
I consulted with David Klasing on a foreign tax related matter. Even though this kind of problem is not very common, he was very well versed in the topic. He took the time to listen to the particulars of my case and answer all my questions. He was calm and reassuring and recommended a course of action that addressed the problem with the least amount of work and expense. He’s easily accessible by email and telephone. His billing is prompt and very transparent. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a tax attorney in Southern California.
Irvine97 - 2011
I came to Dave and his associates with a complex issue regarding a non-profit. Others may have looked at it as hopeless. They recognized our service to the community, and committed to help us resolve our tax problem. I found Dave and his associates to be knowledgeable, kind and hardworking people that know tax law inside and out. They were very sensitive to our request to find a solution so that we could continue to help the community. With their assistance, we were able to immediately open the channels of communication and start on the path to resolution of the tax issue. I am immensely grateful for their help.
C is for Cat
David Klasing is a caring, articulate, and straightforward problem solver. We had a very complex Federal Tax issue that needed immediate attention and an expert to handle our case. We ended up with a trusted professional who handles all of our tax work, personal and corporate. His office is most responsive and we are very comfortable recommending his services to others. Top Notch Tax Attorney!
Irvine Corp
David & Ann Klasing are a dream team! They are caring, ethical and handle their clients and business with the utmost of integrity. If you want to hire true professionals who are not only hard workers and do what it takes to handle your accounting and tax matters expertly and lawfully then you have found them. Mr. David Klasing Esq = Excellent results! A cut above the rest! Thanks again!
Dave Klasing helped my husband and I to have peace of mind during our stressful tax audit. Dave took care of the paperwork and ended up getting our penalties taken off, completely! We were so grateful to have him take care of our tax problems that we were lost on how to fix thank you!
In February 2010, I received a notice from the IRS that they wanted additional information regarding my 2007 small business enterprise that I started in the 1980′s which evolved over time to include legal services. I do my own taxes at my peril, and I did not at that time, seek professional help with the audit. The 2007 audit requested information on deductions included legal fees, business expenses relating to car, travel, toll roads, etc. which I responded to by providing them with the information I had. I must admit that my business records are not perfect but in my opinion are more than adequate. After two additional rounds of IRS inquiries and responses, I received a letter stating that they were going to disallow my entire 2007 business loss because I was not meeting the 3/5 business rule. Based on their letter, you need to be profitable three out of five years. The disallowance, penalties and all the other fees the IRS piled on were significant and I finally sought help from David Klasing, an Attorney and a Certified Public Accountant (Not a bad combination) whose name I obtained from a referral from one of his previous clients who was more than satisfied with his service. During the initial meeting he immediately noticed deficiencies in the IRS letter and after retaining him, he quickly, using his legal and accountant network developed a strategy to respond to the IRS audit. Subsequently, in my opinion he did an excellent job, kept me apprised of the development, form that needed to be filed, and kept track of his fees so that I could tell what he was doing. He subsequently filed the Appeal with the IRS including all the applicable data needed for the Appeal. Within a few weeks in November 2010, the IRS notified David Klasing that there was no deficiency, no penalty and my 2007 case is closed. If you have an IRS problem, I would recommend a very competent David Klasing; an Attorney and a Certified Public Accountant.
IRS audit
Because of my inability to pay my federal taxes as they became due I went for several years just filing my California return only. I was visited at my home by an IRS revenue agent, which prompted me to engage the services of a local Tax Representation Firm, which I later learned was actually based in Florida. After agreeing to pay them in $1,000 increments and putting down my first $1000, the Florida Outfit went for over a week without even so much as a making the promised call upon receipt, to my IRS agent to explain my situation. At this point I contacted David W. Klasing in an absolute panic. Dave counseled me on breaking my contract with the Florida firm and advised me to stop payment on the credit card that I had used to pay them. Upon my very first meeting Dave made a phone call to my agent and explained my situation which soothed a great deal of my fears. I suffered a debilitating brain injury and Dave was very sensitive to my condition.He was efficient and sensitive to my personal issues. His customer service coupled with his expertise in Tax were a God send. Dave is also a Christian and his spiritual support helped me through this trying time. Within under a week Dave helped put together seven years of returns (one of which he had to prepare himself) a collection information statement and got a package off to the IRS collection officer and to proper department of the IRS such that the returns they the IRS had prepared for me were replaced with his versions. Dave’s QUICK expert response to my situation has alleviated so much stress. Thank you!
After getting an audit notice from the IRS I googled tax attorneys and found David. I called him and he immediately impressed me with his expert advice and confident approach. After meeting with him the next day, my wife and I were 100% certain that we choose the right man for the job. My audit was handled via mail and the dreaded face to face in person probing was avoided. Without David, we would have been in a much different position. He follows up to your requests quickly and professionally, which is very important in my book. I am certain it was his experience and confidence in dealing with our auditor that kept us out of the IRS building. I strongly recommend him, in fact he is our new tax preparer, he promised to keep us out of trouble from now on.
Upon receipt of an in-office audit notice from the IRS, my wife and I were shocked. My wife googled tax attorneys and found David W. Klasing under the BBB website. After counseling us in person at his Irvine Office, we concluded in retaining Dave as our lawyer. Dave is very professional and knowledgeable with all related tax laws. He was able to present a well organized package at our face to face meeting with the IRS agent. We are very happy with the final results of our audit and we recommend Dave for all your tax related issues.
OC Resident
I highly recommend Mr. Klasing for handling your tax issues. Very professional service.
Phillip Hannawi
His efforts on my behalf were very timely and extremely helpful.
David listened to my issues, diligently worked out a strategy to help me through my case and I felt comfortable with his representation. He was honest from the beginning and did a good job throughout my case. He is one of the few good ones out there.
California Customer
On February 19 my tax refund was already direct deposited by the government into my bank account! Life is great in LA/Orange County because we can enjoy dinners prepared by the very best chefs, concerts performed by the most talented artists, and the satisfaction of planning for and submitting the most professionally prepared tax returns to the government. We are blessed by those who are the very best at what they do…things we cannot do ourselves. David W. Klasing, Attorney-at-Law, M.S.-Tax, and Certified Public Accountant made the complex tax time an easy and worry-free procedure from our initial visit to receipt of a very impressive copy of my tax returns. I believe the best way to minimize taxes through planning and avoid issues with the IRS and the California Franchise Tax Board is by being a client of this tax law office. Thank you!
David is very competent and confident in what he does. It is a pleasure doing business with him.
In all my dealings with Mr. Klasing I found him very professional, very thorough and very knowledgeable. I am very happy with his work and the final results.
This is my first public recommendation, and testimonials are not particularly my thing. However, I feel compelled to briefly write about my recent experience with David Klasing. I received a letter from the California State Franchise Tax Board in 2009 stating I owed $17,000.00 in capital gains taxes from 2005. This news was not only unexpected, it was devastating. I tried to get my bankruptcy lawyer to handle this, but I kept getting vague reports that he was "working on it." In the mean time, the State of California put a levy on my checking account and "removed" over two thousand dollars from my account without warning. I decided to be pro-active and did a Google search on tax attorneys and David Klasing’s name was the first on the list. I called and I had a confirmed appointment for the following Saturday - Mr. Klasing accommodated my scheduled days off. I met with him once at his office in Irving (I live in the Victorville area) and we exchanged a few e-mails after that for approximately one and a half weeks. In short, Mr. Klasing made my debt go away and now the State of California owes me the money they "took" out of my checking account. He also did my current 2009 taxes and I am getting money back on the state and federal levels, after having "Fast tax" tell me I was going to owe state taxes. Mr. Klasing worked miracles for me in a short amount of time, with little effort on my part. I am truly grateful to him for all he did for me and I highly recommend him for any, and all tax issues. He was also very reasonably priced compared to other tax attorneys in the area. Thank you, David!
I came to Mr. Klasing’s office in a bit a of a panic after receiving a letter from the IRS requesting an audit. During our initial consultation, I was impressed with his sincere appreciation for my concerns and outright fear of dealing with the IRS. I elected to have him represent me during the audit and could not have been happier with his preparation and attention to details. As an engineer, it is rare that I encounter people that are more detail oriented than me. Throughout the process and preparation for my audit, Mr. Klasing always responded to my questions in a timely and professional manner. I have no reservations about recommending his services and currently remain a client.
David is a GREAT CPA and Tax Attorney. I was referred to him and he was very compassionate about what I was going through. He was able to take my mess and make sense of it and present it to the IRS. I came out of the IRS happy as happy can be. He is remarkable in both practice areas.
I recommend David W. Klasing because of his experience, integrity and his fee is very reasonable. He was always available on the phone and in person. He was compassionate with me and made me feel less anxious and give me a piece of mind knowing I have a good presentation. He is also a good artist.
David Klasing helped me with processing IRS forms for taxes due on Swiss accounts, he sent everything on time and was able to get a fast response.