What is involved with appealing disagreements?
March 20, 2014
Can I stop the IRS from repeatedly auditing me?
March 20, 2014
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Rights to disagree with IRS tax auditor’s findings

At the conclusion of an audit you’ll be presented with a report explaining the proposed changes and any penalties and interests that are potentially due related to the proposed changes. The report may also include legal support citing the Internal Revenue Code and other primary authority that supports the proposed changes from the taxing authority’s perspective.

Even if you feel pressured or intimidated into doing so, you shouldn’t sign anything that you either do not understand, do not think is fair and or think is incorrect. It’s a good idea to request from the auditor sufficient time to review the proposed changes with your accountant or attorney before making a decision whether to accept the proposed changes or not.

The report listing the proposed changes is not necessary the end of the road and thus do not be overly discouraged if you are unable to reach an agreement with the auditor when presented with the report. Tax law is complicated and subject to interpretation in a manner where reasonable minds can disagree. Your Tax Council will help you make the call whether to accept the proposed changes or whether you should appeal or even litigate the proposed changes.

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