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September 25, 2019

What Are the Options for Former U.S. Citizens Who Are Ineligible for the New IRS Expat Relief Procedures?

Earlier this September, the IRS announced new relief procedures, aptly named the “Relief Procedures for Certain Former Citizens,” for U.S. expats with histories of non-willful income […]
April 13, 2017

U.S. Expatriate Taxpayers: Tax Filing and Foreign Account Reporting Due Dates Are Quickly Approaching

Some American citizens and tax residents may decide that the opportunities they wish to pursue will necessitate living outside of the United States. For many individuals, […]
November 24, 2015

Expats & International Travelers: Your U.S. Passport Could Be Canceled if You Fail to Pay Taxes & Owe the IRS

Some people view the ability to travel internationally as a fundamental, Constitutionally protected right that should not be abridged expect when there is no other option. […]
July 27, 2015

How Does the IRS Investigate Foreign Bank Accounts and Assets?

 1. Grand jury subpoenas directly to taxpayers suspected of income tax evasion surrounding foreign accounts, assets or business activity Perhaps the most aggressive strategy for combating foreign […]
June 24, 2015

Tax Compliance for Expats in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is one of the chief oil producers in the world. While Saudi Arabia has the second-largest proven oil reserves in the world, even this […]
April 16, 2015

Ex-Pats Who Fail to File Tax Returns: Beware

Like it or not, paying taxes is one of the patriotic duties that most every American will become very familiar with. For the most part, U.S. […]