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Tax Law

Tax law can be extremely complicated. I offer services in tax preparation for businesses and individuals, including audits, planning, and tax litigation. I have helped thousands of clients overcome their most challenging tax issues.

Tax Controversy

If you have been charged with a tax-related crime, you could be facing incarceration and fines. On average nationally, 4/5 criminal tax cases brought by the IRS result in a conviction. I have over 20 years’ experience defending clients against IRS charges.

Corporate Tax

To help preserve their bottom line, companies need to limit tax liabilities and protect assets. I assist businesses in matters of organization, franchising, commercial leasing, dissolution, contract disputes, and more. I

OVDI & FBAR Reporting

Voluntary disclosure of offshore accounts and tax entities allows people to minimize or completely avoid criminal prosecution by the IRS. I determine eligibility for the program, reduce tax penalties, prepare/file their tax documents, and more.

Orange County and Los Angeles Tax Attorney and CPA Serving Southern California

The Tax Law Office of David W. Klasing believes that every client’s individual needs should be paramount and front and center to each engagement. We will never put our firm’s inherent need to make a profit, so that we can feed our families, ahead of our clients’ needs for effective, zealous, aggressive, creative, efficient and loyal legal representation, accounting and tax compliance services. For example, our firm will never counsel a client towards litigation where a fair settlement can be reached without it out of our own self-interest.

Moreover, we will never take a client’s matter where we do not believe the client will be better off for having engaged us from the outset. We will protect our clients from themselves when necessary. We strive for 100% client satisfaction. We believe that our billing should be transparent and therefore we bill on an hourly basis at the billing rate of the professional providing the service and always where possible push a client’s work down to the lowest billing rate for the service provided within our organization. We are active members of the community in Orange County and members of Orange County Bar Association.


We strive, to the full extent possible, get the buy in of our clients to our case strategy from the outset of an engagement and strive to keep our client’s fully informed as to the progression in their case. To this effect, our billing is delivered on a weekly basis via an e-mail using full descriptions of the work performed to enable the client to be fully apprised of where their money is going and why. We strive to respond to client inquires in real time and strive to create a sense within each individual client that they our single most important client no matter the amount of revenue generated by the engagement. We under-promise and over-deliver while adhering to the strictest of professional ethics but aggressively go the distance for our clients.

Our Client Testimonials

During the initial meeting he immediately noticed deficiencies in the IRS letter and after retaining him, he quickly developed a strategy to respond to the IRS audit. Within a few weeks in November 2010, the IRS notified David Klasing that there was no deficiency, no penalty and my 2007 case is closed. If you have an IRS problem, I would recommend David Klasing. - IRS audit recepient

Mr. Klasing made my debt go away and now the State of California owes me the money they “took” out of my checking account. I am getting money back on the state and federal levels for previous years after being told I was going to owe state taxes. Mr. Klasing worked miracles for me in a short amount of time, with little effort on my part. I am truly grateful. -Tax Client

After reading about the 2012 Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program I rushed to Attorney Klasing’s office wondering if I was out of compliance, and fearing the worst — jail time. I was never left to wonder how my case was progressing and happily, in February 2014, my OVDI case was closed much to my satisfaction. I consider myself lucky to have found Attorney Klasing. - JH

The Combined Expertise of a Los Angeles Tax Attorney and CPA

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