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Sales Tax

April 1, 2020
Use Sales Tax Enforcement

Recent OTA Ruling Highlights Benefits of Resolving Sales Tax Disputes at Audit Level

A recent case handed down from the California Office of Tax Appeals highlights the potential benefits of coming to a meaningful settlement with tax authorities at […]
March 20, 2020

Recent OTA Ruling Against Former Company Officer Highlights Post-Sale Sales Tax Liability

In a recent case before the Office of Tax Appeals (OTA), a former officer from a business that was sold was appealing the California Department of […]
June 11, 2019
Maaria Nyazee of Joplin, MO Sentenced for Sales Tax Fraud

Missouri Pizzeria Owner Charged with Sales Tax Fraud

Maaria Nyazee, the former owner of Joplin, Missouri pizza restaurant Redbrick Pizza, which closed in 2017, was recently charged with sales tax fraud (tax evasion). Nyazee, […]
March 1, 2016
Prison Tax Conviction

Small Business Owner to Spend Three Years in Prison for Tax Evasion

Many small business owners around the country often complain of the costs of running a business. From labor to supplies, it is getting more and more […]
February 24, 2016
Tax Evasion

Gas Station Owner Faces 20-Count Indictment Due to Alleged Tax Evasion

On this blog we frequently write about how business owners who cheat on their taxes who did not escape detection in today’s age of electronic transactions […]
May 12, 2015

The IRS Will Pursue Enforcement Actions Against Sophisticated Investors, Businessmen, and Anyone Who Interferes with the Tax System

There are no shortage of justifications that people can come up with to make themselves feel as if a tax enforcement action cannot happen to them. […]