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Eggshell Audits: Protecting Your Client in a Criminal Examination

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Eggshell Audits: Protecting Your Client in a Criminal Examination

An eggshell audit is a type of civil audit that is performed because a taxpayer’s returns indicated that they understated their income, by omitting taxable income, claiming too many illegitimate deductions, and claiming tax credits they do not qualify for. As a result, the taxpayer ends up with a lower tax liability that would not be possible to receive if the correct calculations were used for their tax return.

Some tax practitioners ignore or fail to identify the scenarios where they open their client or even themselves up, as the original preparer, to criminal tax liability when faced with an eggshell audit or reverse eggshell audit. Due to this all-too-common failure, a tax practitioner may jump into a situation where he or she was unaware that the client engaged in actions that constitute tax evasion. This is hazardous to their reputation with other clients, potential clients, and the taxing authorities. Knowing when to withdraw and refer the client to a criminal tax defense attorney with the right training and experience is paramount if you find yourself in this position.

Fortunately, David W. Klasing Esq. M.S.-Tax CPA of the Tax Law Offices of David W. Klasing, P.C. is here to offer you a Lorman training course that will expand your knowledge on eggshell audits, how to identify them and how to deal with them. David W. Klasing has litigated various types of civil and criminal tax cases, has presented seminars on these topics, and regularly publishes articles about both common and novel civil and criminal tax matters.

Enrollment in the eggshell audit courses could provide you with the following skills:

This program will also offer direct guidance with a variety of other related issues regarding eggshell audits, such as whether you must produce your client during an eggshell audit. Upon completing this program, you will understand the risks of an eggshell audit and reverse eggshell audit and the importance of being tactful when managing these situations.

Learn from one of the most experienced and skilled dual-licensed Tax Attorneys and CPAs in the United States, David W. Klasing, through his Lorman courses on how to protect your client when they are facing a potentially criminal tax examination based on their tax reporting activities.

If you are interested, please sign up for the class HERE

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